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Kindle Fire 3 - Possibility of a November Release

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07 Feb 2013, 03:02 PM | Post: #1

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Kindle Fire 3 - Possibility of a November Release

Today some new rumours have surfaced which are hinting at a Kindle Fire 3 release later this year in November.

The reports first started circulating in the Chinese press where it is claimed that orders for mass production of a 3rd generation Kindle Fire have already been placed. As usual, the US is expected to receive the new model first with the rest of the world to follow on in early 2014.

November tends to make sense as that is just about the time-frame that earlier models started shipping, although in the UK we are still yet to see a Kindle Fire HD 8.9 model.

There is no official information at this time, nor any specifications although some industry speculation suggests a thinner design, faster processor a higher density camera and an improved battery life are going to be key, perhaps backed with a new revision of the operating system.

As well as news of the Kindle Fire 3, there are many who believe the Kindle Phone is an absolute certainty now that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has 'not denied' the existence of the new device.