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Still loving LoveFilm

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21 Dec 2012, 02:21 PM | Post: #1


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Still loving LoveFilm

I've been a member of LoveFilm for just over a month now and am really enjoying the service. I set up a cinema room in my house complete with 3D projector a little while back, and have been managed to rack up 18 blu-ray rentals so far and not one bad disc.

Slightly less impressed with LoveFilm instant due to the quality, since many of the films are not HD. Not that I've been able to watch online much lately (thanks Virgin Media).
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21 Dec 2012, 04:55 PM | Post: #2


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RE: Still loving LoveFilm

I have the Lovefilm Instant and I find it fine, a years sub came free with the TV. Some films are dodgy quality (Logan's Run was particularly bad, unwatchable), but most are good. The streaming isn't too bad at all, there has been 2 or 3 times where the stream sort of hung up and we had to go back a bit to get it going again.
Was watching THEM last night (1950's B+W) and the quality was surprisingly good.
Will we pay again when the subscription runs out? not sure, but we are using it way more than we thought we would.

We stream via ethernet/modem rather than wifi, just seems to be a better connection.
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26 Dec 2012, 05:01 PM | Post: #3

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RE: Still loving LoveFilm

I've been with LoveFilm for 2 years now, and found them excellent. Had 2 bad discs in that time, they were ever so apologetic and gave me a credit for the following month on each disc. Not really used the Instant feature much though, will try and use it more in New Year. Pay for it each month and hardly use it.

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