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Using pdfs to remember story series order

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03 Jan 2011, 02:37 PM | Post: #11

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RE: Using pdfs to remember story series order

(30 Dec 2010 06:56 PM)daisyduck1976 Wrote:  Okay- my desktop is Word 2002 and it doesn't have that facility. Shame.

If your copy of Word (or your document editor of choice) doesn't allow saving as PDF then you can download PDF995 - http://www.pdf995.com/download.html.

You need the PDF995 Printer Driver and the Free Converter - install them both and this adds PDF995 as a virtual printer to your machine.

Next, in Word select to Print the document (from the File menu, not the print icon) and then select the PDF995 printer instead of your normal one. It will prompt you for where to save your PDF and you'll need to click through an advert but otherwise it's done.

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11 Jan 2011, 09:10 PM | Post: #12


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RE: Using pdfs to remember story series order

I have added Christine Feehan's Dark Carpathian series and Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld series below.

Big Grin

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.pdf  Dark Carpathian series by Christine Feehan.pdf (Size: 146.82 KB / Downloads: 0)
.pdf  otherworld by Kelley Armstrong.pdf (Size: 130.69 KB / Downloads: 2)
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