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SD TabletWear LuxFolio Kindle Paperwhite Case - Official Review

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05 Nov 2012, 03:33 PM | Post: #1

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SD TabletWear LuxFolio Kindle Paperwhite Case - Official Review

This case has long been one of my favourites and now it's available for the Kindle Paperwhite. We reviewed the Kindle Wi-Fi version a while back and to all intents and purposes, this case is very similar indeed.

[Image: lf1-20121105-153050.jpg]

Whether you like stand-type covers with a flip top or prefer a standard book style cover is naturally going to be a matter of personal taste. One thing that stand covers offer though is a high degree of versatility when it comes to relaxing with your Kindle. This particular one is comfortable to use in almost any situation and is rugged enough to provide solid protection for your Kindle no matter where you are.

[Image: lf2-20121105-153111.jpg]

The cover is unpretentious, with clean lines and a sturdy enclosure for the Kindle. The inside cover has stitched ridges which allow the case to act as a stand and to change the viewing angle.

[Image: lf3-20121105-153132.jpg]

Overall, this is a great case and while it's hardly any different from the Kindle Wi-Fi equivalent, as the old saying goes, 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'...

Buy the SD TabletWear LuxFolio Kindle Paperwhite Case for just £16.95
(price show correct at time of publishing, but always check before you buy)

Thanks go out to Mobile Fun, for providing this Kindle Paperwhite case for review.
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09 Jan 2013, 05:27 PM | Post: #2


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RE: SD TabletWear LuxFolio Kindle Paperwhite Case - Official Review

Having received my prize of this case today (thanks Lou) my first thoughts are:

It holds the Paperwhite nice and snug so you don't feel it is going to fall out.

It fits very nicely into my handbag, obviously Lou couldn't comment on it's compatibility with handbags lol. It takes up less space than the Lente Designs case I had for my Touch.

I was initially slightly wary of the comfort of a flip design, as the covers for my previous 2 Kindles have been book-style, but it's great. It is still comfortable to hold as you would normally as opposed to using the stand. I am looking forward to trying out the stand later though.

I agree it is a great case and it's nice to know that my Kindle is secure in it. Having been looking for a case for my Paperwhite I was worried that some said they were compatible with Touch, etc. as my Paperwhite does feel slacker in the Lente Designs case than my Touch did.

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