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Smashwords...how do I?

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21 Oct 2012, 06:21 PM | Post: #1

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Smashwords...how do I?

Hi All

Feeling a bit stupid today (not unusual), but I've seen some free books on Smashwords (a couple advertised on here in particular) which I see I can transfer to the Smashwords My Library - my question is: Can I download these books into calibre and then onto my KK? If so, can someone explain how? Or can I only read these books via my PC?

Much thankingness

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Offline joo Reading Off The KUF Vol I
21 Oct 2012, 06:55 PM | Post: #2


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RE: Smashwords...how do I?

I download the kindle files to my pc, then email them straight to the Kindle.
I would imagine that if you went to Smashwords on your kindle you could download straight to it, but I like to have a copy in my possession in case the kindle goes kaput.
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