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10 Reasons to buy a Kindle this Christmas - Lou - 03 Nov 2010 05:27 PM

What our members say ...

I love carrying my Kindle with me - in my case in my handbag - and being able to read wherever I am, whether waiting for someone to arrive that I am meeting somewhere, at the doctors surgery etc, where I would not normally carry a book in my bag. But I always have my Kindle with me because it is not bulky like a book.

It's not just the ease of carrying it around day-to-day for those few stolen moments of reading pleasure, but for the ability to take my usually extensive holiday reading selection anywhere in the world in one lightweight, portable little bundle. And for those who love 'fun-in-the-sun' holidays - no glare off the screen whilst you're reading

My Other half does not read anything at all. However I am being constantly asked to get my Kindle out of my bag and Kindle up the information of all sorts of things while they drive along. In the last week I have had to look up Cinema times, Car boot sales, Museum exhibitions, and Football results as well as tomorrows weather forecast. Because internet access is free via the Kindle I don't mind seeking out the info.

For me the three main reasons are: Easier on the eyes - Customise size and font to be less straining on your eyes, and you can do it on the fly as your eyes get more tired, the font can be set bigger, Weight and stress on wrists - one light device, and you don't have to provide resistance to keep the book open and Space! - 100s, 1000s of books, no bookshelves! .. or drawers.. or lofts and boxes full of books!

I like the smug satisfaction that comes from being in the relatively small minority of e-reader users before it all becomes commonplace. And from that being able to say in a five years time "You want a Kindle 6? I had a Kindle 3 back in 2010"

I like the fact that I am now looking at new writers where as before when choosing I feel I was more picky - usually because of the cost of books on the high street All the free stuff is amazing and it is great being part of a community that advertises when things are free !! 2 books I downloaded for free the other week are now both £5 each !!!!
2 months on and I still think my K is awesome so buy one immediately

Whispernet - that's the main reason I bought a Kindle. Can sync my bookmarks between my iphone and my Kindle, can send documents via Amazon to be converted for free, instant download of books. It's the whispernet functionality that sets the Kindle apart.

I love the Kindle because of the environmental issues. I'm a bit of a tree hugger and my vast consumption of paper through books has always been at odds with my maniacal recycling and reusing. Since I could afford to buy my own books I have done - not been a library girl since I was a child - I can't give books back once I have them in my clammy little hands and it has always bothered me. Well no more. I can consume as many books as my Kindle can take and there's no more guilt about how many trees died.

10 Reasons to choose the Amazon Kindle

If you have considered an eBook reader and are not sure which one to choose, here are the Kindle Users Forum's top 10 things that make the Kindle the best choice.

1. It makes reading books and documents a real joy.

It may sound obvious, but our members have a wide experience of both the Kindle and other reader devices and the Kindle has proved to be the best of the bunch in the majority of people's opinion. With an e-ink pearl display using the latest technology, it's just like reading a real book with none of the glare or eyestrain associated with reading on an LCD screen like those used on the iPad and PC monitors. Once you pick up the Kindle, you will immediately feel comforatable and adapt to reading on the screen very quickly. With the pearl e-ink display, the written words are sharp and highly detailed with superb contrast making lengthy reading sessions a breeze. The text size can be changed easily so if you find the print in regular books too small, you can enlarge any book to suit your preference. One other important factor that makes the Kindle so easy to read is the non-glare screen that allows you to read in even the brightest sunlight, so if you spend a lot of time outdoors or on the beach it's ideal.

2. You can take your entire book collection anywhere you go.

Because of its extremely light weight (about the same as a small paperback) and it's large capacity, you can literally carry thousands of books with you easily and conveniently. Whether you are waiting for a bus, sitting in a waiting room, visiting a friend or lying on a beach somewhere you can have access to all your books and reference material at your fingertips - working and relaxing whilst travelling has never been easier.. The Kindle's light weight is a real feature particularly if you like to read large or heavy books - how many times have you left your current book at home because it's too bulky to carry with you or have you suffered fatigue from holding a heavy book in a comfortable reading position? With the Kindle, this is something that you will never need worry about again.

3. A wealth of Free Books and literature and much cheaper book prices.

One of the joys of having a Kindle is the number of freely available books. These range from out of copyright classics such as Shakespeare, Dickens and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes) to special promotions of well known and upcoming authors. Many of the free books can be found directly through Amazon, but there are also lots of other sources around the web. In our forum you can find links to all of the most popular free book sources as well as updates on promotional offers. Because there is no need for printing and distribution costs are minimal, the price of even the newest eBooks is generally much less than their printed equivalent so you can save a great deal of money by switching to Kindle. With no postage costs and virtually instant delivery you can also be sure that you get your book as soon as possible.

4. It's great for the environment.

With electronic distribution of books to your Kindle, the traditional hazards associated with printed books are no longer an issue - no more toxic inks and deforestation to provide paper means a cleaner and greener environment and a guilt-free read for every Kindle owner. Because of the special e-ink pearl screen and design features of the Kindle, it's also a very low power consumption device with Amazon quoting up to a months reading from a single charge (when wireless is off) and our members experiencing usually around 2 weeks or more with wireless on.

5. Discover new authors and try free samples.

Many new authors are now publishing their own books directly which means that some of the most exciting new reading is only available electronically. Books on the Amazon Kindle store have free sample chapters meaning that if you ever see a book but want to find out more, you can literally try before you buy. The Kindle is an ideal risk free way to discover new authors and genres.

6. Whispernet delivery - Books whenever you want.

The Kindle is unique in that it uses Amazon's Whispernet service to connect to the Amazon bookstore directly from your Kindle and download a book right there and then. With good 3G coverage around the world (3G Model only) and easy to configure Wi-Fi access you can go online almost anywhere and have access to the bookstore - this means that if you are on holiday abroad or away from home then as long as you have 3G available or are able to connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot you can have any available book sent direct to your Kindle in seconds. You'll never need to worry about running out of books to read on the beach again!

7. Free 3G Internet Access (Kindle Keyboard 3G models only)

Both the Kindle 3G and the Kindle Wi-fi Only have access to the web browser, but with 3G you do not need to be near a wi-fi hotspot in order to access the whispernet service or the web. One of the most loved features of the Kindle 3G version is the ability to go online completely free of charge (provided there is a signal) when you are away from home and even abroad in many countries. With the Kindle's built in experimental web browser, you can access most of your favourite web sites (note some sites do not work correctly - for example sites with video content) completely free of charge. Even if no 3G service is available the Kindle can fall back to a slower GRPS mode and still give you free access. If you do not have a mobile phone with a 3G contract or are afraid to use it due to costs, then the Kindle is ideal as there is no contract and no monthly charge - it's the perfect way to surf the web absolutely free.

8. Keep all your reading sychronised.

With the Kindle, automatic bookmarks are placed in everything you read and these can be synchronised across any platform with the Kindle software like the iPhone / iPad, your PC or Mac and even your Android phone. This means that you can read on one device and pick up exactly where you left off on another.

9. Support for many formats and personal documents.

If you have personal or work documents that you want to read (for example word documents) these can be automatically converted and sent to your Kindle just by emailing the document to Amazon's conversion service. The service can convert a wide variety of formats and is free of charge when the documents are delivered over Wi-Fi (a small charge is made for delivery over 3G). The Kindle also reads PDF files natively so you can just copy these or any other native format directly to the Kindle via USB.

10. Be a part of the eBook revolution

The Kindle is very new to the UK having been released at the end of October 2010. With its release, the Kindle and eBooks are now one of the hottest topics in the technology world and there is nothing better than impressing all your friends with the newest and best gadget around. Be a part of the revolution, help the environment and rediscover reading all over again.


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RE: 10 Reasons to buy a Kindle this Christmas - Terra - 03 Nov 2010 05:42 PM

Really nicely put together Lou and all great reasons, I think every point there figured in my decision on whether I wanted a kindle to varying degrees so hopefully will help to convince more people looking for information on kinnys or even e-readers in general.

One minor correction, point 7. last line I think it's meant to say "surf" not "suft"?

RE: 10 Reasons to buy a Kindle this Christmas - Lou - 03 Nov 2010 05:43 PM

Thanks Terra - typo corrected Big Grin

RE: 10 Reasons to buy a Kindle this Christmas - Alex - 03 Nov 2010 06:57 PM

This looks great Lou - I'm so sold I may have to buy another one!

Just another small typo, end of the first sentence above the KUF logo - needs a space between each and other.

RE: 10 Reasons to buy a Kindle this Christmas - ali - 03 Nov 2010 07:14 PM

That looks fab Lou - and you can buy a K @ John Lewis now Smile

RE: 10 Reasons to buy a Kindle this Christmas - Susanne - 03 Nov 2010 07:55 PM

That looks really good, Lou. Thumbs Up

RE: 10 Reasons to buy a Kindle this Christmas - Matt - 03 Nov 2010 07:59 PM

Great work Lou. That looks really nice.

Am I missing something here? What's the reason for doing it? Will it be shown somewhere? Pondering

RE: 10 Reasons to buy a Kindle this Christmas - Lou - 03 Nov 2010 08:09 PM

It's linked from the site main frontpage on

RE: 10 Reasons to buy a Kindle this Christmas - Matt - 03 Nov 2010 08:27 PM

I see it now Blush

My bookmark brings me straight in to the forum so I never get to see the front page.

RE: 10 Reasons to buy a Kindle this Christmas - Jaxom - 03 Nov 2010 09:24 PM

Wonderful Lou. Yet again you have excelled yourself.