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Hello - licenced - 30 Sep 2010 11:12 AM


Another new Kindle owner here - found this site through a link on the Amazon Discussions pages I think and just spotted the 'Say Hello' section so thought I would.

Ordered my Kindle on Sunday while it was saying 1-2 weeks wait. Then on Tuesday it went to 2-3 days and then to In Stock. Dispatched that day and got it yesterday. Only downside is that I thought I would have longer in which to finish my backlog of dead-wood books Smile

I haven't bought any paid-for books from Amazon yet - busy ploughing through some of the free ones they have available.


RE: Hello - Kathy5hrs - 30 Sep 2010 11:17 AM

Welcome Dave

You will have to read those DTB's PDQ, IMO Thumbs Up

Sorry couldn't help myself with the abbreviations Smile

I have had my kindle almost a year on Oct 21, and have not read a DTB since.

Not bad for me as I like to re- read my favourites and few are as yet in kindle format.
But as you said there are loads out there we all need to expand our reading horizons.

Hope you enjoy the company on the forum, sadly there is never enough to drink Wink