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Beebook - Dark Adept - 30 Aug 2010 11:05 AM

My second ereader device. My first was an imported Rocketbook way back before the millenium!

I quite liked the bebook although it has of course now been over taken by the Kindle. I stayed with the mobipocket update as I found a decent selection of books on there.

My issues with it are - it tends to keep crashing. I got to the point of always packing a pin badge when I took it out just in case it crashed and I needed to reset it.

The menus are very slow and when they are that slow I lose confidence in them and get a growing feeling that at some point the thing will hang, which occasionally it did.

Lack of choice - even with mobipocket the pickings are pretty slim unless really love cheap romantic soft porn of which there seems to be a ton!

Faff - once you have accessed the Kindle Store for the 1st time you wont want to go back. No more dragging and dropping. Also it appears that Macs dont like them and add strange files when you synch so you have to use a bit of software to clean up the files.

So all in all I gave it 8 out of 10 when i first got it. Now in the light of the Kindle 3G it gets a solid 5 and it will be heading to Ebay any day now.

RE: Beebook - Lou - 30 Aug 2010 11:09 AM

Hehe, I expect there will be a glut of discarded eReaders on the uk ebay site quite soon.

RE: Beebook - Lesley-Ann - 30 Aug 2010 12:24 PM

(30 Aug 2010 11:09 AM)kuf-admin Wrote:  Hehe, I expect there will be a glut of discarded eReaders on the uk ebay site quite soon.

I intend to keep my Sony 505 - if only to read the DRM epub and pdf books on.Big Grin
I can understand those selling their old devices to recoup some of the cost of the new device but I'm currently keeping my options open in that regard.

Also I tend to be one of those 'just in case' people who hold onto things, especially expensive toys, incase I find a need for them. At the moment my desire to keep reading my epubs is reason enough to keep ahold of my 505. Also the Reader I purchased for my Mother is a bit temperamental now so the Sony will do as a replacement for her to use.

That's only if my Kindle suddenly doesn't start disappearing on me ... hmm ... I better keep a close eye on it once it arrives just in case.Wink That's what happened to my Sony when it arrived, hence my need to purchase another reader for my Mother to use, I was on the short end of the custody stickBig Grin