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Roderick Random - fergusd - 26 Apr 2020 07:44 PM

I am looking for a good version of Roderick Random by Tobias Smollett.
The Kindle Store has several versions to choose from.
Free: well, fair  enough, what is one entitled to expect? But the free version is just so ultra-horrible to read with zero widow/orphan control  and just a longitudinal screed from the Start to the End.
Next, a "Kindle edition" at 99p. Actually, indistinguishable in terms of formatting from the free version. Of course the content is great, but this makes for such an uncomfortable  and unpleasurable reading environment.
Ancillary question: what is the meaning of the phrase "Kindle edition" as a book descriptor? It does not necessarily indicate a sparsely upholstered read, but from the two examples above it definitely can mean exactly this!
In contrast, Humphrey Clinker by the same author at £2.99, is the "Penguin edition" and is well formatted with some attention to publishing norms.
Can anybody recommend a similarly configured version of RR - without going to the £8+ outer limits? Thank you!