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No Man -- sf/fantasy novel -- FREE this weekend - Tony Richards - 25 Apr 2020 11:43 AM

What would you ask if you were granted every wish …?

Tom McCauley was just ten years old when he first met with a strange, invisible being. It called itself ‘No-Man' and it wasn’t from this world. But Tom wasn’t scared ... they talked, and gradually they became friends. But then the boy discovered something quite amazing.

No-Man actually had the power to alter people’s thoughts. And all of a sudden, entering his teens, Tom found himself safe from bullies, attractive to girls, and very popular.

But as he grew up into adulthood, new doors opening for him everywhere he wanted , he found out there was a downside to a life lived out so very easily. Grown-up wishes were more dangerous and complex than mere childish ones, and Tom found himself on a slow descent that would take him into tragedy … and maybe even murder.