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Area 51: Interstellar FREE 11/1 and 11/2 - Bob Mayer - 01 Nov 2019 01:18 PM

Area 51: Interstellar
Many millennia ago, humans, including us, were seeded on fifteen worlds by an alien race, the Airlia.We believe we evolved, but the reality is we were bred as cannon fodder for the Airlia's interstellar war against the Swarm, a viral race whose only mission appears to be the obliteration of sentient life wherever encountered.

On some worlds humans realized the truth about their origins, uncovered their hidden alien overlords and rebelled. On one world they succeeded, but in the process destroyed their planet. They sent teams to the other worlds to foment uprisings. Our Earth is one. Earth15 is also one of those worlds.

One of those teams, Bren and her mate Markus, have been leading revolution on Earth15 off and on for thousands of years, slowly eroding the power of the Airlia who rule as gods. But today she encounters Arcturus, a man who claims the impossible: he was on the planet before the Airlia.

If this blasphemy is true, what other truths need to be uncovered about the history and origin of mankind and our place among the stars? Who are we?

Praise for Mayer's books: "The best combination of science fiction and technothriller this year." Publishers Weekly ref The Rock
Kirkus Reviews reference Synbat: "Action packed entertainment. An atavistic milieu plausibly conjured up by Mayer."

Editor's note: Even if you haven't read the previous Area 51 books you can read this and it will get you into the series. For those who've read the previous books, you'll learn a lot more "truth" about the backstory to the series and merge with the end of the last book, Invasion. 
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