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I hate freetime - Babu - 13 Mar 2019 09:32 AM

I share my tablet with my kids. They have a separate profile with freetime enabled for screen time limits and content filtering. We do not subscribe to freetime unlimited.
The screentime limits are clunky. Omegle Amazon decides what content is ‘educational’, so if Install chess or a new osmo game. Appvalley it’s lumped in with the general games. I cannot manually ‘add time’ one off. I loved the native parental controls on the leap pad. Freetime also is a huge resource hog from what I can tell. Because we have invested in an osmo setup, I don’t want to switch to a different tablet.
If I were to uninstall freetime, is there a 3rd party parental control app that will work better that would only be used on the kid profile?