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Wifi connection timeout - and timein again - Anselm - 21 Feb 2019 02:37 PM

This was a problem until about halfway through this message, when it spontaneously fixed itself. It's now just for information. 

My 5th generation Paperwhite suddenly wouldn't connect after several years of flawless operation. I tried restarting it and signing on to the network, but no luck. I know it wasn't the wifi, because I'm using the UK-wide Eduroam network at my university, and all other Internet applications were working fine, as was my mobile phone logged onto that network. Now, about an hour later, and partway through what was this message, it's suddenly spontaneously reconnected, and all the books, samples and articles I'd sent  in the meantime have appeared. 

Just for general information - is there any explanation for these once-in-a-blue-moon glitches?