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blue light - books - 15 Aug 2018 11:12 AM

Firstly, I just joined and I'm really, really surprised that the username 'books' was available. [Image: smile.gif]

I'd like to ask about blue light. There has been several news articles recently about blue light from devices such as smartphones and tablets possibly causing sleep disruption when used late at night. I wondered what light is used in Kindles. I had a new Oasis yesterday and find it very restful to use and is just like a real book to read. But it does use light to illuminate the page and I wondered what type of light it is. I presume it works differently to a normal tablet as the light looks quite different and is much more restful to the eyes. I certainly find it a big improvement over a standard tablet used as an e-reader.

BTW - the Oasis is a lovely device!