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Help with a book title!! - Divi - 28 Dec 2017 07:04 PM

(first of all sorry for my bad english)

Hello guys I need your help. I have to come up with a good book title but all my ideas aparently vanished... 
The title should be a name of the Viking land which includes several main cities but none of them has a king (eventhough those cities are kingdoms). So my question is how would you call a land (realm) which has several kingdoms but kings are missing (for mysterious reasons)

RE: Help with a book title!! - lyndawrites - 29 Dec 2017 07:19 PM

Hi, Divi, and welcome.

Is the title just the name of the realm? Or do you want it to reflect what happens there. E.g. Thorland, or The Thorland Mystery, or Death in Thorland

I always think a book's title should give some indication of the genre and the story. Calling a book KPlah! because KPlah happens to be the name of your fantasy realm, may not help much on the marketing front. Something to consider at an early stage.

Good luck.

RE: Help with a book title!! - cecilia_writer - 29 Dec 2017 09:50 PM

I think it might be hard to get across all the ideas from your post in one go. You'd really have to decide what 's the most important thing to have in the title. You could have (for example) something like 'Realm of the Lost Kings' and then a series title containing the name of the land, or 'Lost Kings of Somewhere'.
Sorry, these are terrible examples!