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iPlayer downloads in kids profile. - Nick T - 18 Jan 2017 07:30 PM

Can anyone advise me? I bought my daughter a Kindle Fire for Christmas and have set up a kids profile for her, and given her access to a number of my Apps. So far so good.
However the  iPlayer Kids App will not let me download anything in the kids profile (though it is fine for streaming programmes). For example if I download a programme in the main profile, it is not available when I access the app from the kids profile. But if I try to download the programme directly in the kids profile it gets to about 90% and then fails.
Is this due to the fact that I am in a kids profile and so cannot perform in-app downloads at all? (I have activated "allow downloads" within iPlayer). Or is something not working, or is there a security setting I can change?
I have rung Kindle support but they couldn't really answer my question and have just suggested deleting the kids profile and re-installing everything. However I'm unwilling to do this if it isn't going to make any difference.
Thanks in advance.