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Amazon Fire Phone review - Daphne - 04 Feb 2015 10:16 AM

I’ve only had this for a couple of days, so these are first impressions and I haven’t by any means explored all the capabilities of this clever little phone, but initial impressions are all good.

To begin with, if you have owned a Kindle Fire tablet this is very intuitive to use with all the features you are used to, such as the carousel to access your favourite Apps, current book, emails etc. As a Kindle and Kindle Fire user I found my library of books, audio books and all my Apps ready to access. I found the phone very easy to set up to suit my own particular requirements – lots of books on the carousel with a new text-to-speech option, greatly improved from the times of my first Kindle eReader, with a voice which is more electronic lady than robot. 

In terms of its use as a mobile phone, I found it easy to pop in a pay-as-you-go sim card so I can send texts and make the occasional phone call, but I am just as likely to be using the Skype App to message and call – especially for international calls.

I read a few negative reviews which focus on the fact that the Amazon Fire Phone doesn't offer instant access to the Google Play Store – which is hardly surprising. So if all your Apps are purchased from there, this may not be for you. But if you are a Kindle Fire user, it’s business as usual and plenty of scope to tailor the phone for your own preferences.

I am currently listening to music from Harry Potter on the phone and the sound quality is very good - and the phone even came with a nice little headset if you want to listen whilst travelling on a train etc.

Amazon Fire Phone

RE: Amazon Fire Phone review - Daphne - 04 Feb 2015 03:32 PM

I have just realised that the text-to-speech voice on my new Fire phone has an English accent, whereas on my Kindle Fire tablet and my original Kindle eReader the voice was American. For an English user this is a definite improvement.