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Myth and folklore of the North - shimmering - 06 Jan 2015 05:20 PM

Dear Readers,
Warrior Lore is a collection of new English verse translations of medieval Scandinavian ballads, and it includes some of the oldest surviving examples. They tell stories that draw on Norse myth and Germanic legend, echoing themes of the Eddas. There are stories of heroes, revenge, feats of strength, riddles, and troll fighting.
Thor, Loki, Harald Hardrada, Sigurd, Wayland Smith they're all in it, to some extent. Perhaps not as you have seen them before, but in the medieval Swedish folk interpretation. I also discovered (as I browsed the guidebooks on SEO that washed up from the internet onto my flat screen) that "medieval nuns" was a hot search term. Well you may be sure that there are many of them to be found in Warrior Lore, a whole conventful.
Perhaps you would like to hear a reading from Warrior Lore. In Widrick Waylandsson's Fight with Long-Ben Reyser, one of Diderick of Bern's top men goes troll-fighting in the forest. Listen here:

RE: Myth and folklore of the North - shimmering - 12 Feb 2015 12:16 AM

Here are a couple of links to reviews of Warrior Lore:

RE: Myth and folklore of the North - Anna Faversham - 12 Feb 2015 07:12 AM

Just taken a look, Ian, thank you. I'm rather fond of this sort of thing and to prove it - characters in one of my books have what I am calling 'Viking blood' and surnames like Thorsen.