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Continuous scrolling for Android app?

08 December 2018 07:14 (GMT)

I don't know how many people noticed, but in October Kindle had an update that said in the coming weeks you'll be seeing continuous scrolling. I was so excited when I saw this and I started checking it every day, only to be disappointed that it still didn't show up. It is now December 7th - they had another app update yesterday, but it's still not there. Am I the only one who is extremely frustrated with this? I learned that Apple Kindle apps have already had this for months, and this is the only thing that has ever made me tempted to even think about switching to Apple. Now that I know it's an option, I want it.  Speed Test Scrabble Word Finder Solitaire

Anyone else disappointed with Amazon/Kindle for bringing their hopes up and then not delivering?

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Page number on kindle - Need help!!

06 December 2018 08:09 (GMT)

Hi everyone,

I'm currently working on my essay and it requires in-text reference and I've got some information from a book on Kindle app but I just can't find the page number. So now I desperately need some help on this!! http://movieseriesworld.com/

Thanks all!

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What is the most useful things for the Kindle HD 8?

05 December 2018 06:14 (GMT)

Just got the Kindle Fire HD 8 as a gift.. It is still new in box but I don't want to open it without knowing if it is the right item for me. I want to make sure I can put some sort of use to it.

Can I still get google play and Kodi? Seen a lot of old articles but no new ones for after the "ban".

What about some other must haves and uses for this?   Speed Test Scrabble Word Finder Solitaire

I know I'm going to pop in my 128gb sd card and put a tons of shows/movies on it for sure but besides that, i don't know what its good for. Any suggestions?

Thank you

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Kindle Voyage battery issues

04 December 2018 07:52 (GMT)

I purchased my Kindle Voyage two years ago tomorrow. When I first purchased it, after it had settled down with indexing and updating and downloading my library the battery would last two full weeks with moderate (2-3 hours per day) usage and WiFi turned on. Fast forward to now, I have to charge it every 2-3 days with the same usage and WiFi OFF. What are the chances I can change out the battery? Should I give up and start treating my Kindle the way I do my phone - put it on charge every night? downloader.vip/yify-yts putlocker.ooo omegle.onl

I'm frustrated to the point that I'm actually sitting here looking at the 9th gen Kindle sitting in my Amazon shopping cart because if I buy a new one I'm going whole hog the same way I did when I bought my Voyage - despite the fact that some people have issues with battery on the new one.

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iPad vs. Fire HD (seriously)

30 November 2018 07:23 (GMT)

Hey guys, that's a serious question. For days, I've been trying to figure out what's the right tablet for me, and which investment makes more sense. I have a Fire HD 8 lying here that I could already test. And also here is a new 2017 iPad, which I can not test due to the necessary registration, otherwise I could not return it (warranty begins after the registration to run).

My requirements are not specific:

Watch Netflix / Amazon Video / YouTube on the couch or on the train

Listen to music

play casual games

surf the internet

Read PDFs / eBooks

Both devices are excellent, I'm sure.

The only question is what the better investment is in the long run. The iPad is four times as expensive as the Fire HD.

What I like about the Fire HD:  Speed Test Scrabble Word Finder Solitaire

very handy

pleasant display colors

good speakers, not mounted on the "grip side" in landscape mode

(logically) good Amazon connection (Prime Music, Video etc.)

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Kindle Paperwhite Battery Issues?

30 November 2018 06:38 (GMT)

Kindle Paperwhite since July 2015. Don't use it as much as I'd like except for flying or during my commute. Most of the time I keep it in airplane mode.

Does the most recent firmware https://downloader.vip/the-pirate-bay/ PutLocker https://appsync.biz/123movies/  update drains the battery quicker? Just noticed an increase in charging my PW as compared to the first year.

Anyone else notice this issue?

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Fire 8 HD Show mode issues

23 November 2018 08:04 (GMT)

I just received the Fire OS update and it installed without difficulty on my Fire 8 HD. However, I have found several issues with show mode:

Show mode continually displays "things to try" even though I have "Rotate Once" activated on the Home Cards menu. I assumed this setting would work the same way it works on the Spot, but currently does not.

If I ask Alexa to "Show me the Weather", the textual weather information does not fully display. Some of it is truncated in the vertical direction and cannot be brought into view.

Still playing and learning but Show Mode looks like it will earn a place on my desk.

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Problem parsing package

17 January 2017 06:45 (GMT)

Hi I am trying to add kodi to my kindle fire hd. I try to install and receive the above error. Does anyone know how to fix this .

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Rainbow Rotors (Free) - If you like the Rubik's Cube you'll love this...

27 November 2016 14:56 (GMT)

The concept is simple, the graphics are retro and the puzzles are pleasingly perplexing.

[Image: screenshot01a.png]

The aim is to make each row a single colour of the rainbow with red at the top and violet at the bottom, in a set number of moves. When solved, the colours should match those in the sample column on the right.

Here's an easy puzzle:

[Image: screenshot02a.png]

To make a move, tap on a block then tap on either the clockwise or anti-clockwise button. This will rotate the 8 surrounding blocks in the chosen direction.

  • Five grades of difficulty
  • Thousands of puzzles
  • Highly addictive!
  • Stretch your mind
  • FREE

DOWNLOAD: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N0J1X8S

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Climbing puzzle - amazing free game full of funny jokes!

20 October 2016 22:46 (GMT)

New funny puzzle game not only for climbing lovers Wink

The game consists of 48 amazing climbing cartoons, 
can you complete all of these? It's not so easy 
on HARD difficulty! Wink

Amazon Appstore for Android:
Climbing puzzle
or: http://www.amazon.com/gp/mas/dl/android?asin=B01MCWDHQ2

All our work you can find on our facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ClimbersFingers

We're looking foward to your feedback, it's really important for us!

[Image: climbers-fingers_climbing-puzzle_1s.jpg]

[Image: climbers-fingers_climbing-puzzle_2s.jpg]

[Image: climbers-fingers_climbing-puzzle_3s.jpg]

[Image: climbers-fingers_climbing-puzzle_4s.jpg]

[Image: climbers-fingers_climbing-puzzle_icon.png]

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