Kindle Cables

Replacements for your original Kindle USB cable

Typically the Kindle doesn't require very much in the way of additional cabling, however if your supplied cable has become damage or lost then you will need to replace it for charging and transferring documents to and from your computer. The cable type is a standard USB to micro USB cable. As well as standard cables, there are also retractable cables which are easier to store if you need to keep one close at hand.

Kindle cables are the same for all e-ink Kindles.

If you need any help or advice before you purchase a Kindle screen protector, please post a message in our Kindle accessories forum .

Kindle Cables - The Latest Arrivals

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TVCables USB Car Charger High Power 2 Amp Output


PNY Technologies PNY Family 4 Ports USB Car Charger


Sealey LED360USB.C USB Mains Charger 5V-1A LED360USB-C


Griffin 3-Port 4.8A USB Car Charger - Black GP-008-BLK


Griffin 4-Port USB Mains Charger 4.8A - Black GP-009-BLK


Griffin Single Port 2.4A USB Car Charger with 1M Lightning Cable - Bla GP-013-BLK


Griffin Single Port 15W USB-C Car Charger - Black GP-021-BLK


Belkin USBC-USBA Cable & Universal Car Charger


LED Lenser USB Car Charger for Rechargeable Torches


Kit Dual USB In-Car Charger 3 A - Black ESCC-A-3ABK


Targus Universal USB C Mains Charger Black


Targus USB-C Car Charger Black


Kit USB-C Mains Charger - 3A


Kit USB Qualcomm Mains Charger Plug


Targus Universal 4.8A USB Car Charger Black


Ansmann Universal 2x2 USB Car Charger


Belkin MIXIT Rose Gold USB Car Charger


Belkin MIXIT Silver USB Car Charger