Kindle Accessories

Whilst the Kindle is not the most accessorisable of devices, there are a few items which should be considered essential for every Kindle owner.

We have put together the best selection of Kindle accessories from UK suppliers including Amazon so you can easily browse and find the best accessories for your Kindle at the cheapest prices. Using our browser is easy - just select a type of accessory from the menu or selection below and browse away. You can even bookmark items for later comparison.

Kindle Covers Covers
One of the key features of the Kindle is its portability and if you are planning on taking your Kindle travelling or if you use your Kindle for commuting of even a trip to the beach as good cover is one accessory you should not be without. Kindle covers come in a variety of different materials, weights and finishes with the more expensive official covers even including a built-in reading light.

Kindle Cases Cases
Cases cover a wide range purposes - from hard cases to protect in the harshest of environments to soft neoprene cases which will slip easily into a handbag or briefcase.

Kindle Skins Skins
Silicone or Gel Skins are different to a cover or case as they fit tightly to the Kindle's body to protect the device and it's screen from knocks and impacts.

Kindle Skins Stands
A Kindle stand can help you read comfortably whilst sitting at a table or desk or even reclining whilst leaving your hands free

Kindle Chargers Chargers
Making sure your Kindle is charged is naturally very important particularly if you are away from home or on a long journey. Kindles can be charged through standard USB ports, the mains, or from your car.

Kindle Cables Cables
You don't often need cables for your Kindle, but if you've lost or broken the one that came with it, you can find plenty of options.

Kindle Screen Protectors Screen-Protectors
Screen protectors are handy if you like to use your Kindle without a cover or case and can stop the e-ink screen from getting scratched or scuffed.

Kindle Reading Lights Reading Lights
Because the Kindle is so close to actually reading a real book, you will need a light source if you are reading anywhere dark or dim. Some covers come with a built-in light, but if yours doesn't, there are a range of different ways to keep a reading light handy at all times.