About eBook recommendations

The Kindle Users Forum eBook recommendations allows you to easily view the most recommended eBooks by Genre. The recommendations have been made by the members of the forum - the more recommendations, the more popular and liked the eBook is.

When looking at recommended books, you can hover over the book to find out who recommended it, recommend it yourself, or to see more details about the book from Amazon. If you are looking at the who recommended page, you can also click on members profiles to see other eBooks that they recommend.

If you are a forum member, you will also see links to your recommendations from your forum posts and also on your profile (including the cover of the last book you recommended)

Also, don't forget to share your recommendations pages with your friends and family!! You can copy the link URL from your page or click any of the social sharing buttons at the top of the page.

To browse recommendations, click here or to find out how to recommend books yourself, read on...

How to recommend an eBook

Recommending an eBook is easy ...

If you have seen the eBook already :

When browsing the eBook recommendations, you will see icons when you roll over any of the listed eBook. These are explained below...




If you want to suggest a new eBook, or to search for an eBook to recommend :

First, select click on the menu below (it's on the top left of any of the eBook listing pages), or go to the eBook menu from the main menu at the top and select 'Recommend an eBook'. You could also just click here


You will see the search page next. From here you can search by Author and/or Title or by Amazon ASIN. Once you click the continue button, we will first search to see if the book has already been recommended, and if it is, we will add your recommendation. If it is not already here, we will search the Kindle store to try to find it. You can recommend more that one book from a search, so if for example you like a particular author, you can recommend several of their books at once.

Once you have selected some books to recommend, we may ask you to select a genre for the books because this cannot easily be determined automatically. Simply select the genre for each book and continue and that's it.

If you are having trouble finding a particular book and you are sure it is in the UK Kindle store, you can search by ASIN wihch is Amazon's special reference number for an item. You can find details of how to do this from the search page.