Kindle eBook Recommendations : Science Fiction

These Kindle Science Fiction eBooks have been recommended by members of the UK Kindle Users forum. The recommendations include titles by Bob Mayer, Peter Salisbury, Iain M. Banks, David Wailing and David George Richards.

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Iain M. Banks

The Player of Games (The Culture)

Iain M. Banks

Consider Phlebas (The Culture)

Iain M. Banks

Against A Dark Background

H.G. Wells

The War of the Worlds (Bantam Classics)

Alastair Reynolds

Revelation Space

Darren Humphries

To Infinity (and maybe that's far enough)

Sheila Perry

The Mountain and the Flood

Philip K. Dick

Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? (Sf Masterworks 04)

William Gibson

Mona Lisa Overdrive

George Orwell

Nineteen Eighty-Four (Penguin Modern Classics)

Michael R. Hicks

Season Of The Harvest

Kurt Vonnegut

Slaughterhouse Five (Kurt Vonnegut series)