Kindle eBook Recommendations : Family Saga

These Kindle Family Saga eBooks have been recommended by members of the UK Kindle Users forum. The recommendations include titles by Donald Wells, Cindy Bouchard, Linda Dunscombe, Beckie Henderson and Jennifer Hanning.

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Jamie Sinclair

All the Fun of the Fair

Romanie Brooke

AMY Blinded by Deceit

Jennifer Hanning

Designs on Daisy (The Hamilton Sisters Book 2)

Cindy Bouchard

Dream Castles 1913 (Princes of the North)

Ken Follett

Fall of Giants (Century Trilogy 1)

Cindy Bouchard

For All We Have and Are 1914 (Princes of the North)

Cindy Bouchard

Our Lady of the Snows 1910 (Princes of the North)

Grace Metalious

Peyton Place (Hardscrabble Books-Fiction of New England)

Cindy Bouchard

Princes of the North 1909

Grace Metalious

Return to Peyton Place (Hardscrabble Books-Fiction of New England)

Catherine Czerkawska

The Amber Heart

Jan Hurst-Nicholson

The Breadwinners

Diania Baker/Briggs, Mary Baker

The Crying Porch