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I'm a readaholic with omnivorous tendencies who also writes. I had a string of books published a decade ago by a large American mind/body/spirit publisher and using the name Elen Hawke. I have a novel, The Sacred Marriage out on Amazon Kindle using the same pen name. My other novel, The Aunt Sally Team, was published via Kindle Direct Publishing using my real name, Flick Merauld, and this has been doing quite well, remaining in the top 100 Kindle paid bestsellers list for 5 days recently, which was unexpected and very exciting. Other than writing, I play harp and guitar (after a fashion!), hold qualifications in photography and digital illustration, am an artist, have travelled widely and have worked at a variety of jobs from farm hand to supporting special needs students in schools.

Contemporary Fiction

Richard Herley

The Penal Colony

Contemporary Fiction

Deirdre Palmer

Falling to Earth

Contemporary Fiction