Kindle eBooks by our authors: Science Fiction

These Kindle eBooks have been written by authors who are members of the UK Kindle Users forum.

Ross Harrison

Shadow of the Wraith (NEXUS)

simon poore

The Last Englishman and the Bubble

Neil Davies

The Szuiltan Alliance (The Szuiltan Trilogy)

David Wailing

Hotspot (Auto Series)

Glynn James

Diary of the Displaced - Omnibus (Books 1-3)

Peter Salisbury

Flight 1401 A Science Fiction Anthology

E.J. Deen

Kael Jai: Outcast

Peter Salisbury

Passengers to Zeta Nine (Peter Salisbury's Passengers Series)

Colin R. Parsons

Crank Tech One: Destruction

Eric Dallaire

Shades: The Gehenna Dilemma (Shades Series Book 1)

Peter Salisbury

Junker's Moon: Trouble Doubled

Lee Penney

Riders of the Wind

Gayle Ramage

The Visitor (and Other Stories)

Alan G. Brown

Haven Transition (Haven and the Soul Keepers)

Richard Turner

Colossus (The Kurgan War Book 2)

Blake Northcott

Assault or Attrition (The Arena Mode Saga Book 2)

Peter Salisbury

British Zombie Breakout Part Four: Last Gasp

Steve Vernon

Flash Virus: Episode Six - Bigfoot's Story

Geoffrey Wakeling

CRYO: Rise of the Immortals

Alan G. Brown

Earth Awakening (Haven and the Soul Keepers)

Richard Turner