Kindle eBooks by our authors: Science Fiction

These Kindle eBooks have been written by authors who are members of the UK Kindle Users forum.

Paul Harry

The 5 Moons of Tiiana: The Chronicles of Rez Cantor: A swashbuckling, science fi

simon poore

Jones and the Big Jump

Cora Buhlert

"He has come back to me..."

Andrew Biss

The End of the World

Joel Arnold

The Auto Mechanics' Calendar

Peter Salisbury

Passengers to Zeta Nine (Peter Salisbury's Passengers Series)

David George Richards

The Friendly Ambassador: Walking with the Enemy

Michael Brookes

Sun Dragon

Paul Vincent

Icarus (Astronomicon)

Steve Vernon

Built For Hanging On (Steve Vernon's Sea Tales)

David Kingsley Evans

THE TALE - A Story of Galactic Proportions (The Tale Trilogy)

Peter Salisbury

Junker's Moon: Pirate Gold

Anthony Sunderland

Destiny's Daughter Vol II - Hide & Seek

Sheila Perry

The Mountain and the Flood

Peter Stone

Forager (Forager - A Dystopian Trilogy)

Paul Levinson

The Plot to Save Socrates (Sierra Waters)

Lucas Bale

Defiance (Beyond the Wall Book 2)

Alan G. Brown

Earth Gathering (Haven and the Soul Keepers)

Alan G. Brown

Haven Restoration (Haven and the Soul Keepers)

Tim Arnot

Hunted (Flick Carter Book 2)

Darren Humphries

Sharing A Fence With The Twilight Zone

Anthony Sunderland

Destiny's Daughter

Jonathan Standing

Project Olympus: Orion

Paul J. Fleming

Chronicles of the 23rd Century: Hijacked