Kindle eBooks by our authors: Romance

These Kindle eBooks have been written by authors who are members of the UK Kindle Users forum.

Jaci Byrne

The Girls' Weekend

Joanne Clancy

Aftermath - A Romantic Suspense Novel (Secrets and Lies Series)

Patsy Collins

Escape To The Country

Susan Alison

White Lies and Custard Creams - A Romantic Comedy

Terra Lorin, P. S. Love

Beauties and Their Beasts #2: OLIVIA

A.H. Scott

Her Time Is Now: Book One: Book One

Chris Lange

Blind to Men

Beckie Henderson

A Matter of Degree

Clair Louise Coult

Another Perfect Angel (The Heaven Knows Trilogy)

Kate Frost

The Butterfly Storm

Magdalena VandenBerg

Love in the Vines

Susan Lohrer

Over the Edge

Sarah Fredricks

The millionaire falls hard

Emma Calin

Knockout! A Passionate Police Romance

Sarah Fredricks

Heat in the Kitchen (Duval-Adams Family)

Lisa Maliga

Sweet Dreams

Clair Louise Coult

Heaven Knows This Time (The Heaven Knows Trilogy)

Charlotte Hughes

See Bride Run!: (Romantic Comedy)

Amy Sumida

Perchance To Die (The Godhunter)

A.M. Helen

The Blue Rose

Keta Diablo

Sky Tinted Water ((Sweet Historica/Mystery/Suspense))

Glynis Smy

Maggie's Child