Kindle eBooks by our authors: Poetry

These Kindle eBooks have been written by authors who are members of the UK Kindle Users forum.

Dale M. Chatwin

Past Hallucinations: A Collection of Poems

Adam Elias Zain

Contemplation Height: A handful of poems

Kehinde Sonola

Swan Song Alley

David Hadley

This Brief Life of Sparks

Kehinde Sonola

Life With More Vision

G. Michael Vasey

Poems for the Little Room

Hattie Spiritweaver

Emotions Poetry: Uncertainty

Adam Elias Zain

Reflection Point: A collection of thoughts and poems based on true stories (and

Dr. G. Michael Vasey

Astral Messages: The Poems and Thoughts of a Troubled Mind

Eddie Johnson

Reaching For Celestial Heights: Uplifting, Encouraging and Success Poems includi

Faye Kilday

Poems For Funerals & Grief

Doug Robbins

Christmas Haikus

G. Michael Vasey

Moon Whispers

Leslie Anne Perry

Small Town Roots

Kevis Hendrickson

The Lay of Gilthol and Kirðral (World of Arva)

Julien Angelov

Heart of a Geisha: HAIKU - POETIC INSIGHTS

Hattie Spiritweaver

Love Poems: Love Is Calling

Leslie Anne Perry

Small Town Roots: Volume Two