Kindle eBooks by our authors: Literary Fiction

These Kindle eBooks have been written by authors who are members of the UK Kindle Users forum.

Mike French

The Ascent of Isaac Steward

Geoff Nolan

On the Road to Winterhaven

Bo Fowler

The Philosophy of Stars

Zoë S. Roy

The Long March Home (Inanna Poetry & Fiction)

Stuart Ayris

A Cleansing of Souls

Hazel Buchanan

Surviving Anna

Alan G. Brown

Slave of Conscience (Soul Transition Incarnations Book 5)

Charles Dickens, Neil McFarlane

The Cricket on the Hearth by Charles Dickens, retold in simplified English

Shawn StJean

Clotho's Loom: A Novel of Literary Romance and Realism

Brian Marggraf

Dream Brother: A Novel

Deborah Lawrenson

Songs of Blue and Gold

Duncan Anderson

The Ship of Theseus

David Hadley

Hanging Around Until

Mauro Casiraghi

The Purple Room

Brenda Winters

The Perfect Gift

Fee-Christine Aks

The Green Woman

Jonathan Hill, Kath Middleton

Is it Her?

David Hadley

Dance on Fire