Kindle eBooks by our authors: Horror

These Kindle eBooks have been written by authors who are members of the UK Kindle Users forum.

Alexandra Sokoloff

The Unseen

Lee Emerick

Survival After The Zombie Apocalypse

Lee Emerick

The Zombie Apocalypse

David Haynes

The Undertaker's Cabinet

Chris Philbrook

Dark Recollections (Adrian's Undead Diary)

Graham Higson

Oak Seer (A supernatural mystery)

Steve Vernon

Nothing to Lose (The Adventures of Captain Nothing)

Marie Symeou

Winter's Breath: A Short Story and Collection of Poetry

Neil John Buchanan

Wind Walker

Alexandra Sokoloff

The Price

David Hadley

An Undulation of a Shadow's Edge

Stephen R. Hulse

Shadowchaser (The Shadowchaser Chronicles)

C.D. Bennett

Angel Dust

Steve Vernon


Steve Vernon

The Weird Ones

Joel Arnold

Bedtime Stories for the Apocalypse

Steve Vernon

Devil Tree

H.E. Bulstrode

Old Crotchet (H.E. Bulstrode's West Country Tales Book 1)

Michele E. Gwynn

Harvest (Harvest Trilogy Book 1)

Neil Davies

Welcome Home

Danny King

The Monster Man of Horror House

Michael Brookes

The Church of Virtual Saints (Morton & Mitchell Book 2)

Tim Stevens

Woodborn: Six Tales of Unease