Kindle eBooks by our authors: Horror

These Kindle eBooks have been written by authors who are members of the UK Kindle Users forum.

Michele E. Gwynn

Harvest (Harvest Trilogy Book 1)

Michele E. Gwynn

Celluloss (Harvest Trilogy Book 2)

Joel Arnold

Northwoods Deep

Michele E. Gwynn

Camael's Battle (Angelic Hosts Series Book 2)

David Haynes

The Macabre Collection (Box set)

Lee Emerick

Extinction Theory

David King

When Morning Comes

Leon Opio

Vengeance is Mine

Stephen R. Hulse

Shadowchaser (The Shadowchaser Chronicles)

Frank Tayell

Zombies vs The Living Dead (An Evacuation Story #1)

Lee Emerick

The Zombie Apocalypse

Joel Gun

The Dark Legend of Tormentia: MACABRE

Lee Emerick

Survival After The Zombie Apocalypse

Steve Vernon

Nothing to Lose (The Adventures of Captain Nothing)

Neil Davies

Welcome Home

Carole Gill

The House on Blackstone Moor (The Blackstone Vampires)

Steve Vernon

Nothing Down (The Adventures of Captain Nothing)

Doug Robbins

Holiday Hell

Glynn James, Michael Stephen Fuchs

Arisen, Book One - Fortress Britain

Glynn James, Michael Stephen Fuchs

Arisen, Book Three - Three Parts Dead

Joel Gun

Bloody Sweet Emma: (a.k.a. You Reap What You Sow)

Jessica Grace Coleman

The Former World (Little Forest)

Marie Symeou

Winter's Breath: A Short Story and Collection of Poetry

Steve Vernon

Devil Tree