Kindle eBooks by our authors: Historical Fiction

These Kindle eBooks have been written by authors who are members of the UK Kindle Users forum.

Peter Darman

Army of the Wolf (Crusader Chronicles Book 2)

Michael J Wormald

The Call of the Thunder Dragon: The Continuing Adventures of Falstaff Wild

Carole McEntee-Taylor

The Tricolore Divided (The Cat & The Nightingale Saga)

Jean Fullerton

Hold on to Hope

Stuart Minor

The Spy Chase

Peter Darman

Parthian Vengeance (Parthian Chronicles Book 3)

Luccia Gray

All Hallows at Eyre Hall: The Breathtaking Sequel to Jane Eyre (The Eyre Hall Tr

Sandra Rector

Charlotte Perkins - Gold Digger

Martin Lake

The Lost King: Resistance

Carole McEntee-Taylor

1941 - The Lowest Ebb (The Cat & The Nightingale Saga)

Peter Darman

Companions (Parthian Chronicles Book 5)

Peter Darman

Master of Mayhem (Crusader Chronicles Book 4)

J.C. Stephenson

A Murder in Auschwitz

Stuart Minor

The Storm at Vimy Ridge

Jean Fullerton

No Cure for Love

Sandra Gulland

Mistress of the Sun

Carole McEntee-Taylor

The Pencilled Message (The Cat & The Nightingale Saga)

David Dunham

The Silent Land

Cora Buhlert

El Carnicero

Michael Califra

No Man's Land

Peter Darman

The Parthian (Parthian Chronicles Book 1)

Alex Gough

Watchmen of Rome

Glynis Smy

Ripped Genes (Ripper Romance)