Kindle eBooks by our authors: Historical Fiction

These Kindle eBooks have been written by authors who are members of the UK Kindle Users forum.

Stuart Minor

Ridge of Fire

Carole McEntee-Taylor

Separation (A World War Two Chronicle Book 1)

Peter Darman

Schism (Crusader Chronicles Book 5)

William Peter Grasso

Fortress Falling (Moon Brothers WWII Adventure Series Book 2)

Alex Roddie

The Atholl Expedition (Alpine Dawn)

Fee-Christine Aks

Somewhere in the World (Lost Youth Book 2)

Octavia Randolph

Ceridwen of Kilton: Book Two of The Circle of Ceridwen Trilogy

Sandra Rector

Evaleen - From Rags to Riches

Sandra Gulland

The Many Lives & Secret Sorrows of Joséphine B. (The Joséphine B. Trilogy)

Peter Darman

As Dust to the Wind (Crusader Chronicles Book 6)

Katherine Roberts

I am the Great Horse

Michael Arnold

Assassin's Reign: Book 4 of The Civil War Chronicles

Ahmad Ardalan

The Gardener of Baghdad

Billy Helston

Mercedes Marie: The Story of Mary Jane Kelly

Stuart Minor

The Spy Chase

Peter Darman

Parthian Vengeance (Parthian Chronicles Book 3)

Kevin Grote

Tyburn (The Highwaymen)

Carole McEntee-Taylor

The Pencilled Message (The Cat & The Nightingale Saga)

Sebastiana Randone

The House

David Dunham

The Silent Land

Sandra Rector

Charlotte Perkins - Gold Digger

David Hutchison

Deacon Brodie: A Double Life

Katherine Roberts

Seven Fabulous Wonders: the omnibus edition