Kindle eBooks by our authors: Fantasy

These Kindle eBooks have been written by authors who are members of the UK Kindle Users forum.

Lexi Revellian

Torbrek...and the Dragon Variation (The Torbrek Trilogy)

Lexi Revellian

Trav Zander (The Torbrek Trilogy)

Katie W. Stewart

Mark of the Dragon Queen

Tui Allen

Ripple - A Dolphin Love Story

Darren Humphries

The Great Rock N Roll Doomsday Tour

Alex Hunter

The Testing of Archie Rathbone

David Staniforth

Alloria (Labyrinth of Labyrinths)

Robert A Webster

PATH (Return of the Reich)

Amanda Leigh Cowley

Soul Protector (Soul Protector Series)

Robert Carter

The Language of Stones

Julie McLaren

The Music of the Spheres

M T McGuire

The Wrong Stuff, K'Barthan Trilogy: Part 2

G.L. Jones

Thief & Mage (The Corrin Chronicles)

Ken Magee

A Darker Shade of Black

Jason Krumbine

A Graveyard Romance

Robert Ryan

A Spell of Swords