Kindle eBooks by our authors: Fantasy

These Kindle eBooks have been written by authors who are members of the UK Kindle Users forum.

Laxmi Hariharan

The Destiny of Shaitan


The Sorcerer's Abyss (The Sorcerer's Path)

Fee-Christine Aks

Ársals Abenteuer: Königsvogel (Ársals Abenteuer in Mándurai 2) (German Edition)

Brett Keddie

Last Day At Century's End

Brendan Carroll

The Red Cross of Gold III:. The Head of the Crow: The Assassin Chronicles

Kristie Cook

Devotion (Soul Savers)

Cody Young

Johnny and the Vampires of Versailles (Vampires of the Tower)

Zoe Brooks

Love of Shadows (The Healer's Shadow)

Brock Deskins

The Portal

Neil Port

The Man Who Never Was: Prequel to The Paladin Chronicles

Trevor Booth

Sentari: ICE

Neha Yazmin

Poison Blood, Book 1: Revelation (Poison Blood Series)

Brendan Carroll

The Red Cross of Gold XIV:. The Skull of Sidon: Assassin Chronicles

Magnus Bledwell

Serpent's Curse (The Saga Of Dane & Astrid Book 2)

Steve McHugh

Crimes Against Magic (Hellequin Chronicles Book 1)

A K Michaels

Defender's Blood The Return (An Urban Fantasy)

Brendan Carroll

The Red Cross of Gold IV:. The Hesperian Dragon: Assassin Chronicles

Kristie Cook

Promise (Soul Savers)

Mathew Reuther

Dead's Night (Dire Calls 4)

Brendan Carroll

The Red Cross of Gold:. Books I & II (Assassin Chronicles)

Tracy Falbe

Judgment Rising: The Rys Chronicles Book III

Michael Diack

Shadows in the Sand (a fantasy novel) (Empyria)

David A. Lindsay

Gaspar The Thief

Steve Vernon

Finbar's Story (Steve Vernon's Sea Tales)