Kindle eBooks by our authors: Fantasy

These Kindle eBooks have been written by authors who are members of the UK Kindle Users forum.

Tracy Falbe

Love Lost (Rys Rising)

C.M. Gray

The Flight of the Griffin

P.D Roberts

Toby Ripwood in The Dark Sphere Enigma

Jason Krumbine

Dead for the Holidays (Reapers in Heels)

István Szabó Ifj., Orlanda Szabo

Crystal Shade: Episodes #1

Marshall Best

Morlanos (The Chronicles of Guiamo Durmius Stolo - Volume 3)

Suren Fant

The Godless - Mystery of the World

Albie Smith

Call Me Theo (The Jakob Trilogy Book 1)

Brendan Carroll

The Red Cross of Gold XVI:. Omar, the Prophet: Assassin Chronicles

Damien J. Nash

Uprising (Talgard Series #2)

J M Winspear

Aelfric - Bloodied Spears (Aelfric Saga)

Geoffrey Wakeling

The Tower of Souls (Inside Evil)

Brock Deskins

The Sorcerer's Ascension (The Sorcerer's Path)

Marie Symeou

Poet's Blood (Blood of the Gods, Book 3)

Robert A Webster

PATH (Return of the Reich)

David Staniforth

Alloria (Labyrinth of Labyrinths)

Doug Robbins

Jessica Martin's Fantastic Dream

Gill Shutt

Alien Legends: A Selection from the Repository of Imagination (UK)

Brendan Carroll

The Red Cross of Gold V:. the Quinta Essentia: The Assassin Chronicles

Paul Dale

The Dark Lord's Handbook: Conquest

Andrew Ashling

The Invisible Chains - Part 3: Bonds of Blood (Dark Tales of Randamor the Reclus

Gary Peeling

The Uglies: Part One of The land of the legends

Michael Diack

The Gauntlet

Michelle Kenney

Book of Fire