Kindle eBooks by our authors: Fantasy

These Kindle eBooks have been written by authors who are members of the UK Kindle Users forum.

Kevis Hendrickson

Pryde's Choice (World of Arva)

David Burrows

The Prophecy of the Kings - Omnibus Edition

Brock Deskins

The Sorcerer's Vengeance (The Sorcerer's Path)

Robert Ryan

Renown of the Raithlin: Book One of the Raithlindrath Series


The Lovers (Magic England)

A D Koboah

Dark Genesis (The Darkling Trilogy, Book 1)

Neha Yazmin

Poison Blood, Book 1: Revelation (Poison Blood Series)

David Staniforth

Ruler's Desire (Fuel to the Fire Book 2)

Brendan Carroll

The Red Cross of Gold XVIII:. The Company of Women: Assassin Chronicles

Brendan Carroll

The Red Cross of Gold XIII:. The Children of the Temple

R.G. Porter

Shades of Night (Demon's Gate)

E. L. Adams

The Puppet Spell

K. A. Jordan

Swallow the Moon


The Sorcerer's Abyss (The Sorcerer's Path)

Craig Zerf

Plob fights back

Janalyn Voigt

DawnSinger (Tales of Faeraven)


The Rascals (Magic England)

D. Thourson Palmer

RAZE - Part I

Lisa Williamson

Where Angels No Longer Tread (Flight in Fantasy Novellas)

Colin Hawkes

The Grain of Truth

Kristie Cook

Power (Soul Savers)

Neil Port

The Gathering Storm (The Paladin Chronicles Book 3)