Kindle eBooks by our authors: Fantasy

These Kindle eBooks have been written by authors who are members of the UK Kindle Users forum.

Neil Port

The Defence of Troia (The Paladin Chronicles Book 2)

Joshua Clarke Kelsall

Beyond The Shroud (The Evening of Light)

Fee-Christine Aks

Ársals Abenteuer: Blumenritter (Ársals Abenteuer in Mándurai 1) (German Edition)

Magnus Bledwell

Valkyrie's Quest (The Saga Of Dane & Astrid Book 3)

Keta Diablo

Dust and Moonlight ((Fantasy Time Travel))

Steve Vernon

Finbar's Story (Steve Vernon's Sea Tales)

Michael Diack

The Light and The Glass (an epic fantasy novel with dragons) (Empyria)

Brendan Carroll

The Red Cross of Gold XIII:. The Children of the Temple

David Staniforth

Elemental Cascade (Fuel to the Fire Book 3)

E. L. Adams

The Puppet Spell

Laxmi Hariharan

The Destiny of Shaitan

JM Winspear

Shieldmaiden (Aelfric Saga)

Duncan M. Hamilton

The Tattered Banner (Society of the Sword)

Brendan Carroll

The Red Cross of Gold XXII:. Holy Blood: The Assassin Chronicles

Daniel Patrick

The Locket Thief (Book 1 in the Sky Thieves trilogy)

Esteban Bogasi

Six Faces - English Edition

Brendan Carroll

The Red Cross of Gold XVI:. Omar, the Prophet: Assassin Chronicles

D. Thourson Palmer

Ours Is the Storm

Darren Humphries

The Great Rock N Roll Doomsday Tour

Benjamin David Burrell

Red Leaves and the Living Token

Damien J. Nash

Uprising (Talgard Series #2)

Craig Zerf

Plob fights back

Daniel Betts

Open Channel