Kindle eBooks by our authors: Erotica

These Kindle eBooks have been written by authors who are members of the UK Kindle Users forum.

Cheri Grade

A Strip Poker Story

Elizabeth Woodham

The Decision Tree (Short Provocative Erotica)

Hunter Darkly


Xavier Edwards

The Special Scent

A.M. Helen

Five Steps To The Harem

Elizabeth Woodham

Erotic Blossoms: Seven Sexy Short Stories - Bisexual Erotica (Erotica Express: S

Xaviera Snow

A Royal Scandal (The Erotic Diary of Xaviera Snow Book 3)

Elizabeth Woodham

Erotic Blossoms: Violet: Half-Time Oranges (Erotica Express: Swift, Sexy Shorts)

Catherine Dolore

Master Fabrizzio's Vault: Taking Eric

A.M. Helen

Force Majeure Part Three

A.H. Scott

Three Scoops Of Decadence

Xavier Edwards

A Hero's Return

Xavier Edwards

Six Miles High

Jean Ecrivain

A Taste for the Night Book 1 Arrival

Cheri Grade

The Bikini Race

Secret Narrative

Christmas Cuckold

Faye Hall

She's Alot Like You

P. S. Love

NEED 3: Rock Me (NEED Series #3 ~ Paranormal Erotic Romance)

Xavier Edwards

An Introduction to Sappho

Jennifer Simony

Two Cheerleaders and the Football Team (Naughty Girl Sexual Fantasies)

Elizabeth Woodham

Kat - Urban Cougar - Bisexual Erotica

Kal Turner Thomas

A Good Neighbour