Kindle eBooks by our authors: Crime, Thrillers & Mystery

These Kindle eBooks have been written by authors who are members of the UK Kindle Users forum.

Cecilia Peartree

The Queen of Scots Mystery

Joel Arnold

A Wrinkle in Crime: 10 Stories of Foul Play, Murder & Revenge

R. E. Conary

The Rachel Cord Mysteries: Complete & Unabridged

PD Martin

The Missing - two short stories (Sophie Anderson)

Roger Barry

Running On Empty

Sandra Rector

Crazy Little Lies

Alexandra Sokoloff

Book of Shadows

Cassandra DeBrown


Martin Roy Hill

Hitler Is Coming: An Alternate History Mystery Short Story

Alan Zacher

I'm No P.I.

Carol Fenlon, Blaine Ward, Darren Sant, Paul Brazi

Radgepacket - Tales From The Inner Cities Volume Five


The Murderers' Club (MIRA)

Jason Chapman

The Angel Prophecy: Alien Contact series (The Angel Chronicles Book 3)

Michael Joseph

Death In July

Billy Helston

Long Arm of the Law: Jack the Ripper

Karina Kantas

Lawless Justice

Roger Weston

Fatal Return

Roger Cave

Medusa Defence (Alec Fincham #6)

Joanne Clancy

Killing Time