Kindle eBooks by our authors: Children's Fiction

These Kindle eBooks have been written by authors who are members of the UK Kindle Users forum.

Garth Edwards

Escape from Mercy Hall (Thorn Gate Trilogy)

Neil Whyke

Awesome! (The Black Crystal)

Will Hadcroft

Anne Droyd and the House of Shadows (The Anne Droyd Adventures)

Kevin McLeod

The Master's Revenge (The Viking's Apprentice)

James Parkin

Ghost Gang 3 in 1

Fiona Mackinnon

The Utterly Amazing Brain Of Ignatius Cramp

Jolie Shanoian

Whimsey the Aristocratic Detective in the Case of the Notorious Nanny

Neil McFarlane

A Month of Bedtime Stories: Thirty-One Bite-Sized Tales of Wackiness and Wonder

Garth Edwards

Shipwrecked (The Adventures of Titch and Mitch)

William Holley

Wychetts and the Tome of Terror

Garth Edwards

The King of the Castle (The Adventures of Titch and Mitch)

Garth Edwards

Heroes of Mercy Hall (The Thorn Gate Trilogy)

Pauline Fisk

Midnight Blue

Angela Muse

The Pig Princess

Katherine Roberts

The Mausoleum Murder (Seven Fabulous Wonders)

Susan Keefe

Billy and Daisy's Big Adventure (Fantasy Farm Tales)

Carl Ashmore

The Night They Nicked Saint Nick (A Christmas Story for the whole family)

Carl Ashmore

The Time Hunters and the Sword of Ages

Neil Whyke

You're toast (The Black Crystal)

Angela Muse, Ben Muse

Eager Eaglets: Birds of Play

Siphriah Davidson

Fearless Five and the Really Hot Day (The Fearless Five Series (3 of 5))

Garth Edwards

The Magic Boots (The Adventures of Titch and Mirch)

Michael Diack

The Secret Lives of Bicycles