Kindle eBooks by our authors: Action & Adventure

These Kindle eBooks have been written by authors who are members of the UK Kindle Users forum.

Kehinde Sonola

Corruption Isn't Sexy

Robert A Webster

Spice (The amazing culinary adventure)

Linda Gruchy


Paul Moxham

The Florida Chase: Collectors Edition

Robert A Webster

Siam Storm (A Thailand holiday adventure)

Robert A Webster

BIMAT-Siam Storm III (A Vietnamese adventure)

Daniel Danser

The God Particle

Richard Turner

Hellfire (A Ryan Mitchell Thriller Book 4)

Bob Mayer

The Line (Shadow Warriors Book 1)

Bob Mayer

Z: Final Countdown (The Green Berets Book 6)

N. J. Slater

The Black Knight

Kristen Stone

Edge of Extinction

Gerald Freeman

Kill Daddy

Robert A Webster

Chalice-Siam Storm II (A Cambodian holiday adventure)

Faith Mortimer

The Seeds of Time - Book 1 of The Crossing

William Cone

Dead Ringer

Haytham Al Fiqi

How to Sleep Better

Dave Lewis

Raising Skinny Elephants... (Hagar Trilogy Book 2)

Alan G. Brown

The Spurious Sorcerer

Richard Turner

Goliath (A Ryan Mitchell adventure)

Nik Krasno

Mortal Showdown

Adam Chance


Paul Moxham

Missing! (The Florida Chase, Part One)

Haytham Al Fiqi

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