Kindle eBooks by our authors: Action & Adventure

These Kindle eBooks have been written by authors who are members of the UK Kindle Users forum.

Haytham Al Fiqi

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C Marten-Zerf

Choice of Weapon

Jason Krumbine

Fruitbasket from Hell (Alex Cheradon Mysteries)

Cora Buhlert

Shape No. 8

John and Shelia Chapman

Stones, Stars and Solutions (A Vested Interest)

Kehinde Sonola

Corruption Isn't Sexy

John and Shelia Chapman

Leap Of Faith (A Vested Interest)

Matt Hilton, Richard Godwin, Paul D Brazill, Rod G

Action: Pulse Pounding Tales Volume 2

B.J.S. Bal

Through Your Eyes: (A sci-fi suspense/thriller adventure novel)

David Treanor

Rendition Island: Nobody leaves. Someone just has.

B.J.S. Bal

The Cinder In My Eye: An Action Thriller

Bob Mayer

Chasing the Lost (The Green Berets Book 8)

Kevin Marsh

The Gordian Knot

Paul Moxham

Missing! (The Florida Chase, Part One)

Marcus Asutaitis


Robert A Webster

Spice (The amazing culinary adventure)

Robert A Webster

Chalice-Siam Storm II (A Cambodian holiday adventure)

Bob Mayer

Bodyguard of Lies (The Cellar Book 1)

Bob Mayer

Eyes of the Hammer (The Green Berets Book 1)

Eileen Thornton

The Trojan Project

John and Shelia Chapman

A Vested Interest

Blake Northcott

Vs. Reality (The Vs. Reality Series)

William Cone

Dead Ringer