Kindle eBooks by our authors: Action & Adventure

These Kindle eBooks have been written by authors who are members of the UK Kindle Users forum.

Adam Chance


N. J. Slater

The Black Knight

John and Shelia Chapman

A Vested Interest

Kehinde Sonola

Corruption Isn't Sexy

Cora Buhlert

Shape No. 8

Geoffrey Wakeling

Pacifier 6 - The Shadows Within

Richard Turner

Goliath (A Ryan Mitchell adventure)

Richard Turner

Scorpion (An Alexander Scott Novel)

Nik Krasno

Mortal Showdown

Richard Turner

Lucifer's Fire (A Ryan Mitchell Thriller Book 3)

Adam Chance

Execution of Duty (The Harry Flynn series Book 2)

K. A. Jordan

Badlands Rescue

Haytham Al Fiqi

How to Sleep Better

Richard Turner

A Fragment of Destiny (A Christopher Sheppard Adventure)

Haytham Al Fiqi

Effective Ways To Make Money Online - Using Pinterest

Richard Turner

The Devil's Path (Alexander Scott Novel)

Haytham Al fiqi

Earn $200 -$500 Daily With PTC Sites...Secret Method Exposed

Roger Weston

Pursuit: A Thriller

Eileen Thornton

The Trojan Project

C Marten-Zerf

Choice of Weapon

Haytham Al Fiqi

The Best Way To Start Earn Money On Line

Haytham Al Fiqi

Fiverr Secrets