Kindle eBooks by our authors: Action & Adventure

These Kindle eBooks have been written by authors who are members of the UK Kindle Users forum.

John and Shelia Chapman

Stones, Stars and Solutions (A Vested Interest)

Richard Turner

Barracuda (A Ryan Mitchell Thriller Book 5)

Nigel P Bird

The Rocks Below

Faith Mortimer

The Seeds of Time - Book 1 of The Crossing

Pat Cresswell

Seaton Carew in 'Over the Hills and Far Away' (Seaton Carew Series)

Haytham Al Fiqi

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

Brendan Carroll

Tempo Rubato: Stolen Time

David Treanor

Rendition Island: Nobody leaves. Someone just has.

Danny King

The Henchmen's Book Club

John and Shelia Chapman

Leap Of Faith (A Vested Interest)

C Marten-Zerf

The Broken Men

K. A. Jordan

Badlands Rescue

John and Shelia Chapman

No Secrets (A Vested Interest)

William Cone

Dead Ringer

Haytham Al Fiqi

51 Creative Ways To Make Money Online

Richard Turner

Hellfire (A Ryan Mitchell Thriller Book 4)

Kehinde Sonola

Corruption Isn't Sexy

Shelia Chapman, John Chapman

Dark Secrets (A Vested Interest)

Paul Moxham

Lost! (The Florida Chase, Part Three)

Eileen Thornton

The Trojan Project

Ben Herd

Shadows of the Past

Theresa Nash

The Miracle Mixer

Richard Turner

Scorpion (An Alexander Scott Novel)