Kindle eBooks by our authors:

These Kindle eBooks have been written by authors who are members of the UK Kindle Users forum.

Peter Salisbury

Junker's Moon: Inspector Vanessa Robin

Science Fiction

Jonathan Hill

The Stars Just Watch

Gay & Lesbian

Michael Arnold

Traitor's Blood (Civil War Chronicles)

Historical Fiction

Steven Ramirez

Tell Me When I'm Dead


Sibel Hodge

The Baby Trap

Contemporary Fiction

Glynn James

At last, goodbye (Short Story)

Science Fiction

Michelle Kenney

Book of Fire


Luke Mallory



Mike Yanek

Just Do It - Damn It


Michael Diack

Garden Hopping: A Collection of Short Stories

Short Stories

Jason Chapman

Codename Angel: Alien contact series (The Angel Chronicles Book 1)

Crime, Thrillers & Mystery

Darren Sant

Tales From The Longcroft (Tales From The Longcroft Estate)

Crime, Thrillers & Mystery

Lee Allen

Those Crimes of Passion

Crime, Thrillers & Mystery

Lynda Wilcox

Organized Murder

Crime, Thrillers & Mystery

David Burrows, Andrew Burrows

Drachar's Demons


Jonathan Hill

A Christmas Outing

Short Stories

Andrew Barrett

Black by Rose

Crime, Thrillers & Mystery

Timea Tokes

His Secret Love (Her First And Last Secret Admirer Book 3)


Dave Lewis

Land's End to John o' Groats: On a beer mat


Future Poet

Future Poet's Whispers Of Real Desire Shared


Bob Mayer

Legend (Area 51 Series Book 9)

Science Fiction

Chun Tat Bernard Wong

Living in Unison with Religions: ddj's illustration of various religious beliefs

Metaphysical & Visionary

Sean Solomon


Action & Adventure

B P Terence TEO

What Are Your Options? : Essential Guide on Options & Profitable Option Strategi