Kindle eBooks by our authors:

These Kindle eBooks have been written by authors who are members of the UK Kindle Users forum.

Carole McEntee-Taylor

Deception (A World War Two Chronicle Book 4)

Historical Fiction

Neil McFarlane

Beryl and the Monsters

Fiction Classics

Brendan Carroll

The Red Cross of Gold XVI:. Omar, the Prophet: Assassin Chronicles


Sean Patrick Reardon

The Great Escape

Short Stories

Carl Ashmore

The Night They Nicked Saint Nick (A Christmas Story for the whole family)

Children's Fiction

P.F. Ford

An Unlikely Hero (The Alfie Bowman Series)

Crime, Thrillers & Mystery

Katherine Roberts

The Mausoleum Murder (Seven Fabulous Wonders)

Children's Fiction

Leonard D. Hilley II

Death's Valley: Book Four of the Darkness Series (Darkness Series: Book Four of

Science Fiction

Marta Tandori

NO HARD FEELINGS (A Kate Stanton Mystery Book 4)

Crime, Thrillers & Mystery

Alan G. Brown

Grave Digging

Crime, Thrillers & Mystery

Lee Reynoldson

Art & Soul


Brendan Carroll

The Red Cross of Gold IX:. The Queen of the Abyss: Assassin Chronicles


Trevor Mcinsley

Sixteen Alligators and a Trebuchet


Team Rusty

Mr Rusty 1 - 2 - 3 (Mr Rusty Series)

Children's Fiction

Nick Temple

Return of the Dead Uncle: Are Dennis and the Real World Ready for Each Other? (T


P. S. Love

Sharing Jewel


Margaret Park Bridges

My Dear Watson

Crime, Thrillers & Mystery

Linda Gruchy

Death in Spigg's Wood

Crime, Thrillers & Mystery

Glynn James

Diary of the Displaced - Book 3 - The Ways

Science Fiction

William Peter Grasso

East Wind Returns


Sarah Jane Butfield

Glass Half Full


Apryl Baker

The Promise (The Coven Series - Book 1)

Young Adult

Donald Wells

Taken! Mega Box Set - Books 1-24

Crime, Thrillers & Mystery

Mercia McMahon


Short Stories