Kindle eBooks by our authors:

These Kindle eBooks have been written by authors who are members of the UK Kindle Users forum.

A.R. Lowe

Thirty Brief Tales from England and Spain

Short Stories

Fiona Bagley

Parsons Green

Young Adult

Joanne Clancy

Secrets and Lies Duo ~ Aftermath and Redemption


Blake Northcott

Arena Mode (The Arena Mode Saga Book 1)

Action & Adventure

Peter Salisbury

Rat Attack (The Old Store: Lost Tales 3)

Science Fiction

Bob Summer

Alone But Not Lost


Ashley Saunders

309 Advanced Triads (Complete Guitar Workout)


Neil McFarlane

When You Were a Worm (and Other Stories and Creepy Crawlies!): Funny, Creepy Cra

Children's Fiction

Claire Williams

Adventures in Potty Training

Family Saga

Faye Kilday

It's Good To Have a Friend Like You!: Friendship Poems and Photos


Julie McLaren

The Music of the Spheres


Colin R. Parsons

The Curious World of Katie Hinge

Children's Fiction

Emma Calin

Knockout! A Passionate Police Romance


David Callinan

The Immortality Plot

Crime, Thrillers & Mystery

Mads Sorensen

15000 Feet Below (International Action Thriller)

Crime, Thrillers & Mystery

Faith Mortimer

The Bamboo Mirror

Short Stories

Vanessa Wester

Return (The Evolution Trilogy Book 3)

Crime, Thrillers & Mystery

Grant Morris

The Silver Earth Seed (The Earth Seed Adventures)

Young Adult


THE WRONG DELIVERY - Braced for Impact


Richard Turner

The Mountain (A James Shaw Mission Book 2)


Keta Diablo

Long Hard Ride (( Gay Western Romance))

Gay & Lesbian

Amethyst Puri

Witch Lessons (Witch Lessons: Book I)

Children's Fiction

Karl Vadaszffy

Full of Sin