Free Kindle RSS Feed Reader

Table Of Contents

  1. Instructions
  2. Ready Made Feeds
  3. Adding Your Own Feed
  4. Get Quick Access
  5. FAQs
  6. Feedback
  7. Terms and Disclaimer



The feed reader is provided as a service to enable RSS feeds and their corresponding articles to be read as easily as possible on the Amazon Kindle platform.

To use the feeds, all you need to do is open a feed in your browser and then bookmark it by pressing [menu] on your Kindle and selecting [add bookmark]

Once you have opened the feed in your browser, you can navigate it with the simple steps below

  • At the top of the feed, a table of contents is provided, just click on a headline to go directly to that article.
  • To return to the table of contents, click the Back button on your Kindle, or click a "Back to TOC" link at the foot of any article section.
  • For articles where we are unable to retrieve the full article, you will see a link to the original - click this to go to the originating website.


Ready Made Feeds

We have configured a number of popular feeds for easy access.

To view the ready made feeds, click here


Adding Your Own Feed

You can configure and use any RSS feed you like provided it is correctly formatted. Please note however, that in some cases it may not be possible to pull in full article data from a feed, in which case just the feed contents will be displayed.

To configure your own feed, please go to our feed configuration page.


Get Quick Access

Using our mini-book, you can quickly access the feeds from your Kindle home screen. Click here for details.

We hope you enjoy using the service and we hope
you join the rest of the community at our forum.



Q. Why do some feeds look messy

This system does its best to clean up any feeds and article content, but because every website has a different structure, it is impossible to guarantee that every extraneous item not required for reading on the Kindle is removed.

Q. Why does my feed tell me to look at the original website

The system tries to automatically gather full article data from the originating website, but sometimes this is not possible and we are only able to provide a link to the full article. Usual causes for this are not standard layout or incorrect HTML on the originating web site.

Q. I set up a custom feed, but it's not working or looks messy - what can I do.

If possible we will try to improve the feed for you - please leave a message on the forum thread stating the feed ID or RSS Url and we'll see what we can do.



If you wish to leave feedback about this service, please do so on this forum thread.


Terms, Conditions and Disclaimer

This service is provided to enable you to access news and blogs via your Kindle.

The information provided by this service is gathered from sources outside the control of Kindle Users Forum and therefore Kindle Users Forum can take no responsibility as to the suitability or legality of the content including any images or media or the links to external sources contained within it.

This service is provided free of charge at present, however this may change in the future if we are unable to support this service without funding.

Sometimes the content of feeds or articles may be shown incorrectly or not at all. This is a limitation of attempting to gather content automatically for presentation on the Kindle, however if you have consistent issues, please leave a message on our forum and we may be able to fix them (but no guarantees).

Copyright of the articles shown by this service remains with the originating website and company.
If you are a copyright holder and have issues with this service, please contact us on

If you are scraping this content for use in another service, you may do so freely provided you place an attribution to UK Kindle Users Forum linked to