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Gargoyle Pixie Dog

28 July 2015 10:07 (GMT)

The fabulously named Gargoyle Pixie Dog is the latest Danny Lancaster book by Bill Todd and the title is the name of the first and longest story. I was moved to give this five stars - some of the writing's fantastic - and I must start reading some of the DL novels.
Sometimes you find a series which you think you will enjoy but you missed out on the start. Do you go to the beginning and hope you’ll get chance to read them all or do you dive in and feel lost? This book, which is full novel length, is a really good way to get a taster of the author’s Danny Lancaster stories. Danny is a private investigator, an ex-soldier who lost a leg in Afghanistan, and, if these stories are typical, he’s never going to get rich. He makes enough to get by but he’s got a soft heart, in spite of some of the things he becomes involved with.

I admit to being seduced by the title, though the reason for it becomes obvious when Danny is trying to trace a missing street girl. This is the main story, although there are shorter stories in the collection. I didn’t find a dud in there and I like the author’s style of writing. He comes up with some excellent phrases and isn’t a slave to cliché. I really hope I’ll find the time to read more Danny Lancaster before too long. A great collection and a lesson to series authors in how to give potential new readers a way in.

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Go Set a Watchman

18 July 2015 16:20 (GMT)

Has anyone read Go Set a Watchman yet? I've got my copy ready to read, but I'm reluctant to start it in case it's awful.

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My New Upgrade (Paperwhite 2015) First Impressions.

11 July 2015 12:21 (GMT)

So my KK has finally been retired. Battery was fubar'd, and  hey, who doesn't like new stuff?  Smile

The Paperwhite came from Italy, despite being bought in the UK. Amazon has definitely subscribed to snail mail if you don't have Prime, nothing comes very quickly these days, around a week for delivery.

Not doing an unboxing. It came in a box, with a USB cable and an instruction book.

The size difference is pretty noticeable.
[Image: DSC09562_zpsyfo8l7ay.jpg]
[Image: DSC09563_zpsftckudyw.jpg]

I bought a deeply cheaply case from Aliexpress (China). In fact I bought 2, a bright green one too. 2 cases for around a third of the cost of the official Amazon one!
The purple was a lot darker on the website, almost Aubergine (which was what I wanted). The reality was a lot different, which I suspected it would be.
The new case is lightweight, only time will tell how durable it is.
[Image: DSC09564_zpsx8lxedb5.jpg]
[Image: DSC09565_zpswoeu73ye.jpg]

Weight wise, with a case I was surprised to see it's almost half the weight!
[Image: DSC09567_zps5sqneetp.jpg]
[Image: DSC09566_zpsatteflmb.jpg]

I've had the Paperwhite for less than 24 hours and a big negative is the screen glare. It's hideous in daylight. Not so bad at night.
I have already discovered I can buy an anti glare screen. Hopefully this would improve that.
I bought the "no special offer" version, but was surprised to see adverts that apparently aren't really adverts but recommended content. PFF! Adverts!. Luckily I found how to turn those off.
I am obviously still emotionally attached to my KK, and this newbie will have to grow on me. My first impressions of my KK, was very surprised at how much I loved it (where I thought I wouldn't). I am not getting that with the Paperwhite, but it is a new relationship and may change.

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Brand new user!

08 July 2015 11:54 (GMT)

Good Morning,

Thank you for clicking. 

I have been looking at a book to purchase on Amazon and noticed the book I like is free with a kindle subscription on kindle unlimited. 

Now, I haven't owned a kindle before so before I go ordering one and get in a mess I wondered if you could help me?

Is it a case of purchasing a kindle, connecting to wifi, signing onto my kindle unlimited login (once I set one up!) and downloading the book(s) I like?! 

Thank you so much Smile

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JooRevoo: Global Domination for Beginners by Will Once

02 July 2015 19:35 (GMT)

Global Domination for Beginners by Will Once

[Image: 41JcCJI5CAL._AA160_.jpg]

We get James Bond's side of the story, The Saint's, Bourne's, Austin Powers' too. But what about the bad guy? What's his story? Where did he get his inspiration from? Why hollowed out volcanoes, why henchmen, why lairs?

Well, you don't have to wonder any more. Read this book and you'll soon know how a power-crazed megalomaniac thinks.

Number One tells his life story to a spy he's caught and, literally being a captive audience, he has to listen.

This is a really funny story. Things really aren't easy if you want to take over the world. You can't imagine the minutiae that has to be taken care of. Especially when nobody takes you seriously.

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Beyond A Reasonable Doubt - Legal thriller by Linda S Prather

28 June 2015 11:09 (GMT)

Beyond A Reasonable Doubt a superb legal thriller by NY Times bestselling author Linda S Prather here's my review:

I believe I have to be Linda's number one fan, to me her writing is seamless and flows wonderfully. Her ability to involve the reader in her stories is second to none.

After reading Beyond A Reasonable Doubt - the first book in a new series of legal thrillers starring Assistant DA Jenna James - I have to say this is Linda's best book yet.

Jenna is a kick-ass Assistant DA caught up with a corrupt family headed up by of all people a former judge. Jenna gets entangled in a messy family web of deceit in which an innocent member of the family has been imprisoned for twenty-five years. When a member of the young man's family is killed in an accident, he is released from prison into Jenna's custody to attend the funeral, and that's where this fast-paced, non-stop thriller really begins.

You'll love all the twists and turns and the convincing characters, both good and bad, in this compelling, taut thriller.

Can't wait for the second book in the series which I believe is being written now.

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Free eBook News

If you are looking for Free Kindle eBooks, you will find our complete daily list here. Below are our latest notifications direct from the author about their free promotions.

"Of Dust and Decades' - Kris Malkin

29 July 2015 14:10 (GMT)

Yes, funlings. 'Of Dust and Decades' goes live tomorrow, on a 5-day-freebie. That's right, you pay nothing! Bugger all. Diddly-squat, for 5 whole days!! Do me the honour of popping to the link below and get downloading, and you'll be rewarded with 10 stories of worlds beyond this one, where darkness shines bright.
And, just as a teaser...

At first, his tension takes the form of feet not inclined to move forward. It becomes a stiffness that infects the calves, which in turn, tightens the quadriceps. The spine turns into a motorway, the electrical signals of a scared child travelling one way and the body’s autonomic responses, telling of cold sweats and increasing heart rate, going the other. Expectation of a monster is speeding along the fast-lane, out-pacing everything else.”

Ten stories that burrow into the recesses and remind us that without the rose-tinted glasses, the world stills harbours its own dark secrets.

From the eulogy that is ‘Curtains’, to the top of Swindon’s tallest building, in ‘A Good Day’. From the serial killer of ‘Face’, to the future of the manufacturing industry, in ‘Union’.

‘Of Dust and Decades’ will take the reader into some of the more shadowy corners of life. The corners where dreams end and nightmares begin.

If you like reading of places and worlds beyond the “normal” plane of existence, this anthology could be for you.

Just keep your eyes open and don’t bring a gun.

Otherwise, bad things might happen…


Thanks, again!

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Free 21st July to 24th July 2015 - Overflow

21 July 2015 12:25 (GMT)

My debut short story - Overflow - is available free this week.  Click on the book cover below to download it.
My blog has details of this and a countdown offer on my other book.


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Prime Day offers

15 July 2015 08:46 (GMT)

Amazon are running their 'prime day' today. As part of it they are giving away a free book:


Choices are:

Only Time Will Tell - Jeffrey Archer
The Clippie Girls - Margaret Dickinson
59 Seconds - Richard Wiseman
Raven Black - Ann Cleeves
The Princess Diaries - Meg Cabot

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Free 11th-13th July - Inane British Comedy - Michael McNulty's Annus Horribilis

12 July 2015 14:59 (GMT)

Hi all
I'm just trying to spread the word about my debut novel Michael McNulty's Annus Horribilis which is available for free until 13th July. It's a comedy novel, charting the disastrous twelve months of the lead character. The humour is very dry and British and the feedback I've received since publishing the book on amazon is that it's a genuinely funny, easy read. If anyone is interested, please feel free to grab a copy and I hope you enjoy it! 
Michael McNulty’s Annus Horribilis is a comedy of errors which traces Michael, the narrator and protagonist, through a roller-coaster twelve months of his life. In the beginning, Michael seemingly has everything. A great job in the City of London, amazing house and beautiful Eastern European girlfriend. But he has taken his eye off the ball and is becoming increasingly complacent. He has something nagging him at the back of his mind that he can’t quite put his finger on. A longing for something. 
Over twenty-four hours, Michael’s life is turned upside down. Through his own incompetence, he loses everything he has worked so hard to achieve and takes a large investment firm with him. 
In amongst the chaos, Michael realises that the insatiable itch is his need to escape from the rat race and return home. He seeks refuge at home with his parents, a world away from the City, but a place he has neglected for some time. 
Unfortunately for Michael, this is just the beginning of his woes. As he looks to rekindle long forgotten friendships, he ends up dragging everyone in to his web of turmoil. Not least his heartbroken and wronged ex-girlfriend, Poppy. Whilst predominately a comedy, the enduring tale of the novel is Michael growing to realise that there are more important things in life than money and material gains. What he has been missing all these years is Poppy and he is still deeply in love with her. It takes twelve months and numerous hilarious mistakes for Michael to fully and finally realise this. 
Take a perverse pleasure in Michael’s misfortune as he crosses the North Sea astride a casket, is repeatedly kidnapped by the mafia and ruins Christmas for the whole of Scunthorpe amongst numerous bizarre and absurd scrapes he finds himself involved in during his Annus Horribilis.

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free today only Code X: Episode 1

29 June 2015 08:53 (GMT)

Code X: Episode 1

Did Humans Advance Alone? or

Did They Have Help?

Goodreads: Christina Rated it 5 of 5 Stars...a perfect fit for fans of James Patterson or Michael Crichton

I love an action story that starts in the midst of things! From the first sentence, Code X takes you on an adventurous mission of a man willing to go to extremes to protect the love of his life...

This novel focuses on a brilliant female doctor who has started to unlock the secrets of the human genome. Add in the secret government conspiracy somehow involving the brilliant minds humanity has produced, and the stealing of secrets from the military, you have a great mystery.

Code X Episode I is an intoxicating mix of science, action, and the determination of one man to get back the woman that he loves from a shadowy government agency.

This book has two equally compelling story lines simultaneously unraveling: Vicki, the scientific brains, and Parks, the tactical combatant-in-training brawn. The drama unfolds in parallel which keeps the story fresh, providing suspenseful breaks...Normally, after about 4 chapters of the talented Tom Clancy, I feel a bit overwhelmed, but the setup of this book is perfect for an avid reader interested in a great conspiracy thriller. I don’t recall a moment when I felt bogged down by too much technical detail - in fact, it is just the right mix to give you a soundbite to share with others without it being a chaos of technical jargon.

While I love Vicki and Parks, I have to mention the supporting character of Biggins who is a hot contrast! Biggins is full of confident bristle, a larger-than-life powerhouse that steals every scene. The dialogue between her and Parks is entertaining, a brother-sister attitude of verbally sparing at one another, and had me laughing. Fair warning to the author: if Biggins does not survive this series, I will be heartbroken! Overall, a thrilling conspiracy novel - held my interest to the final page and left me wanting more!

Likely a perfect fit for fans of James Patterson or Michael Crichton.

Dr. Vicki Collins won the Nobel Prize for Genetic Engineering before she was 30. Now the world's giant medical corporations want her to work for them, and they will stop at nothing to get her. Nick Parks, Vicki’s fiancé, discovers the truth about the lies, deceit, money and even murder they use to succeed. He will risk everything, even his own life to try and save her.

Today’s doctors use surgical tools identical to those used by Roman doctors under Julius Caesar, lost for over 2,000 years. How is that possible?

Alexander the Great led his men from the front line in every battle, but was never killed. He conquered the world. How could that be?

Why was there only one Einstein, daVinci, Hawking?

George Washington led from the front line, but was never wounded. How was that possible?

Can the Forces of Evil be Stopped or Will They Rule the World?

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