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Kindle plugged in to charge up, but not turned green after many hours

12 September 2017 11:16 (GMT)

Nor is it possible to tell if battery's charged at all (tho I can see and read my home page etc).  Basic and fairly elderly kindle (4+ years).  Help pls!

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Gaming the NYT Bestseller's List

29 August 2017 07:58 (GMT)

Came across a very interesting article where some suspicious types took a look at the dramatic rise of a YA title called Handbook for Mortals.


Some great detective work and an interesting look at both group investigation and how systems can be played.

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27 August 2017 15:06 (GMT)

I recently uploaded a document (.docx) to my Kindle Paperwhite via email. When I try to search in the document I get a message that the document is not indexed. What exactly does this mean and is it possible to correct it?

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Kindle e-reader or fire ?

24 August 2017 22:07 (GMT)

This my first time here so hello to everyone
I have had my kindle for a while now so this might seem a bit of a daft question.
I am about to buy my wife a  kindle and I'm not sure which one to get.
She loves reading but likes to surf the net so I'm trying to weigh up my options.
The e-reader one or the kindle fire...I know with fire you can access 
the internet but I'm not sure if she would use it for that.
Any thoughts welcome 

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Good news for indie authors - a new income stream coming soon!

25 May 2017 14:29 (GMT)

Great news for readers and writers. Public Lending Right (PLR) has finally been extended to include ebooks

This complements the legislation passed in the Digital Economy Act 2010 which extended PLR to audiobooks and on-site loans of ebooks.  This means that authors will receive PLR payments for remote loans of their ebooks. The Digital Economy Act 2017 now completes the picture to ensure authors will receive their PLR payments for books and audiobooks, ebooks and e-audiobooks whether loaned in the library or remotely. With an increase in the number of loans of ebooks to around 4 MILLION this year this is not a moment too soon.
PLR will soon be updating their system for registering ebooks.  If you are an author and haven’t yet registered with PLR, you should to make sure you receive payments due to you. PLR for ebooks and audio books loaned remotely will apply to loans made after 1 July 2018.  Payments are due to be paid in arrears in early 2020. The rate of payment remains the same as for physical loans 7.82p/loan with a cap of £6,600.

More information here http://www.alcs.co.uk...

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Washed Out Cover

24 May 2017 13:31 (GMT)

Hi. I'm in the process of proofing the Createspace copy of my next book, and getting the cover to look right always seems to be an issue. This cover is more colourful than they have been in the past, so it's particularly important to get it looking as vibrant as I can. I was hoping for some advice on that.
My covers always come back from Createspace looking dull, faded, and washed out. Until now I have simply upped the brightness a little, and perhaps tweaked vibrancy and things in Photoshop, but it hasn't really got around the problem as well as I'd like. Has anyone found a way to get the covers looking right? I have tried both RGB and CMYK, and it only really affects how light or dark it comes out, nothing else. I use the PDF settings that Createspace suggest, but they seem a bit out of date.

Thanks Smile

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Free eBook News

If you are looking for Free Kindle eBooks, you will find our complete daily list here. Below are our latest notifications direct from the author about their free promotions.

Free Today: Rest In Fear 2

22 September 2017 08:54 (GMT)

Rest In Fear 2, my second Kindle collection of 12 short horror/dark urban fantasy/simply weird stories, is free today.

Rest In Fear 2

The stories range in style from the bizarre through darkly humorous to distinctly nasty, with topics ranging from serial killers to vampires. There's not a lot of blood 'n' guts - some but not a lot.

I'd love to hear what you think.

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The Green Berets: permanently free. "A scorcher!" Stephen Coonts

21 September 2017 13:20 (GMT)

The Green Beret series: Over 1 Million Sold.[b]

Eyes of the Hammer by NY Times Bestselling Author, former Green Beret and West Point Graduate, [b]Bob Mayer
, is “Exciting and authentic! Author Mayer, a Green Beret himself, gave me a vivid look at the world of the Army’s Special Forces. His portrayal of Green Beret operations and techniques takes you deep into the world of Special Operations.” W.E.B. Griffin.

A US Special Forces team lead by Green Beret Dave Riley is on a top secret mission to take down drug traffickers in Colombia, but while doing so they are faced with betrayal by their own government.

The team is carrying sterilized weapons and unmarked uniforms and the operation is “off the books.”[/b][/b]
[b][Image: 51LxZcYa3lL.jpg]

Of course, nothing is as it seems, especially once the CIA gets involved. Throw in an Israeli mercenary and betrayal, and Dave Riley and his team soon find themselves wondering what the real mission is and will they become collateral damage from all the double-dealing going on back in Washington.

Eyes of the Hammer is the first book in the bestselling Green Beret Series written by a man who has “been there, done that.” In the vein of Sicario. The next book, Old Soldiers, will be out in Spring 2018.

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Dark Tidings - Ancient Magic Meets the Internet Book 1 - FREE

14 September 2017 14:00 (GMT)

They stole millions from the world's richest bank, infected the Internet with ancient magic and wrecked our modern way of life… and they're the good guys.

Dark Tidings is the first book of the spellbinding 'Ancient magic meets the Internet' trilogy and it's FREE 14 September – 18 September 2017.

Laugh while the world comes to an end and it won’t cost you a penny.


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"My candle burns on both ends; It will not last the night!" Burners-video trail

14 September 2017 13:36 (GMT)


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A Modern Dirty Dozen: Section Eight. Free today

12 September 2017 13:34 (GMT)

Section Eight 
[Image: 51K1bRBu-BL.jpg]

"Bob Mayer tells Green Beret stories like Joseph Wambaugh tells cop stories!” Macon News-Record[b]

Captain Jim Vaughn is an officer in disgrace. Commanding a Special Forces mission to rescue hostages in the Philippines, Vaughn's team is destroyed, and when the smoke clears, he is made the scapegoat. Forced into the shadows by the scandal, Vaughn is offered a chance to redeem himself when he is approached by an enigmatic government agent working for The Organization, looking for a few desperate men.

The Organization pulled strings long before the founding of the United States. It dates back to the destruction of the Knights Templar and even further in history. As secrets from the Golden Lilly Operation and the infamous Unit 731 from World War II become exposed, you have to wonder who the real enemy is.

Section Eight are the men and women called upon by The Organization to do the impossible. They are the soldiers who have nothing to lose. They make up a top-secret unit tasked with suicide missions. Vaughn is now given a new team, a group of men and women outside of the regular chain of command. These are men and women who have crossed the line one too many times. Drug users. Felons. The terminally ill. These are now the soldiers that Vaughn must trust with his life. Even with a traitor in their ranks.

A team of such unique properties is the perfect tool to use against America's enemies...and possibly America itself.

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