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The Christmas Puzzle by Cecilia Peartree

20 October 2014 22:14 (GMT)

The Christmas Puzzle by Cecilia Peartree

[Image: 61DsyMW96CL._SL160_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-...AA160_.jpg]

The Christmas Puzzle is the 8th book in the Pitkirtly series and I think they just get better and better. This series is my favourite as I just love the characters and the cosiness of their mysteries.

This time Amaryllis is a Christmas elf and she's persuaded, I mean told, Jock he has to be Santa for the up and coming Christmas festivities in Pitkirtly. Amaryllis seems to be growing up (a bit) in that she is thinking of running for a place on the council. Probably so she can keep a better eye on things.

As usual there is a dead body. You'd think the local police station would have longer opening hours with all the murders that happen round here. All the favourite characters appear with a few newcomers. But which of the newcomers is the murderer? Is there actually a murderer or was it just an accident?

I find these books a gentle read, with more characterisation than action and that suits me just fine. As the series goes on, I get to know the characters deeper and deeper and I have hopes for what they do and don't do in the story.

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Review: Blue Wicked by Alan Jones

18 October 2014 13:10 (GMT)

Blue Wicked by Alan Jones

[Image: 31TAxuil51L._SL160_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-...AA160_.jpg]

There is a cat killer operating in the Glasgow area. Eddie the vet is asked to look into this, but he has suspicions that the killer might go onto humans. Nobody in the police takes him seriously, even when the coincidences are too great to ignore.

This is the second book by this author and whilst I thoroughly recommended the first one to my father-in-law, I'm not sure I would recommend this one. The first book was a more gentle tale. This one is rather explicit, and at times nasty, in the murder scenes.

As an overall serial killer story, it was well set out with the reader being just a step ahead of Eddie and Catherine, the young policewoman who is helping him. Even when the story was particularly nasty, I wanted to keep on reading to make sure that the killer got his justice.

I struggled a bit with the Glaswegian vernacular, but there was a glossary at the end for if I wasn't sure of anything. Luckily there wasn't too much so it didn't take me out of the story.

I preferred the first story (The Cabinetmaker) but this is definitely an author I'd like to read more of.

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connecting a 4G LTE dongle

16 October 2014 20:14 (GMT)

I have a 4G LTE internat dongle as backup for when my home internat goes down and it works fine.
It has the standard usb size connection so I bought a usb adaptor the fit the small size on my Kindle.
however when I plug it in nothing happens, the dongle 'on' light doesn't come on.
I thought this would just plug in and work - is that not the case


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Wifi problem

14 October 2014 23:25 (GMT)

I've had a kindle 4th gen for about a year and a half, which was my mums before she have it to me.
I'm having trouble connecting my kindle to any wifi networks, even ones it's previously wen connected to.
When I go to the settings page it tells me there are networks available, but won't go anywhere when I select it to chose a network. It's also not automatically connecting when I go home, where it's already been connected to the wifi before.
I've tried a manual reboot, which I was told would sort the problem, but this has just made it worse. Is now saying I have no networks available and is still not letting me select to goto network options.
Please help! I don't know what else to do!

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The Monster's Wife by Kate Horsley (Scottish Book Of The Year nominee)

10 October 2014 11:21 (GMT)

The Monster's Wife by Kate Horsley

A good while ago, I edited a collection called Pulp Ink with the amazing Chris Rhatigan. Among the stories in there was a super piece called Jungle Boogie which was to make the Best British Crime anthology that year. It was written by Kate Horsley  and she's recently released an amazing novel. I say this just to make sure that I'm not misleading you when you read the review - there is bias and I was predisposed to like it, but the words here are as neutral as I can make them. Here goes...
Kate Horsley is clearly a brave lady. She’s taken on a master work and written a sequel. In doing so, she’s produced a novel of class and beauty that’s worthy of its recent nomination as Scottish Book Of The Year in the Saltire Literary Awards.
Imagine, if you will, a small Scottish island at around the turn of the Nineteenth Century. It has a tiny population who are bound to the land and the sea for everything. Along comes the strange visitor from Europe and everything starts to change.
“Who’d have thought in our modern day, to see the plagues of Egypt washed up onto our shores?”
Who indeed?
Nature seems restless. Strange things have been washed up on the beach. Dolphins lay dead and smiling on the rocks. Livestock around the island is found ripped apart. Napoleon’s ships are moored nearby. It seems that God is angry and the people of Hoy gather in the church to pray and to swap tales.
It’s not long before folk turn their attention to the mysterious Victor Frankenstein, who is living and working up at the big house, and to May and Oona who are working there for him.
Oona is our guide and she’s a fabulously complex character. She has a rare strength and determination about her and yet has a physical frailty that softens and yet heightens these traits. She shows a tremendous loyalty to her best friend, May, who is about to leave her to marry a twin from the village. It’s this loyalty to May that initially draws Oona in to the life of Frankenstein. It’s a mysterious world that she enters and the complex layers are peeled slowly and tantalisingly away as we get to discover this new world through Oona’s eyes.
The world of the big house is a stark contrast to the superstitious, God-fearing community who talk of the bible, the selkies and the Finman. It’s a practical, scientific place full of caged birds, home-made contraptions and experiments aimed at discovering something of the nature of death and exploring the possibilities of resurrection.
It’s a stroke of genius to tell the story from Oona’s perspective. It works to the book’s advantage at every turn.
What is so stunning about the book for me is the use of language. The work flows from one gem of a sentence to another. The dialogue captures something of a sense of period, is clean and never stilted in the way that some attempts at historical fiction can be. The shadows and sense of darkness are embedded into the work with great subtlety and the images are often so perfectly honed that they really can take the breath away.
The characters, and I’ll include the island of Hoy here, are wonderful. Their differences are exploited superbly when things start to go wrong and the status quo cracks like dry bones.
On top of all that, the novel is incredibly gripping. The tension builds and the sense of the sinister grows in the way of any great page-turner.
I found The Monster’s Wifeto be a terrific read. It’s a stunning work and I hope you’ll take the time to check it out.
If you happen to be in a book group, I’d suggest you make this your next recommendation. You’ll get so many hours of discussion and so many pats on the back from the other members for the idea that you really won’t regret it.
 A classic in the making.

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How I Get Kindle On Android Devices To Read Out Loud

09 October 2014 21:51 (GMT)

Hi I'm a student at Northampton University and was trying to use their e-book system without success to read books to me.  So I worked out how I could use the accessibility options on the Nexus 7 Android Tablet to read a nursing book I purchased from amazon to me out loud.  As a slow vocalising reader it can be pretty frustrating when presented with 701 page books.  Using the accessibility option I can speed up the human voice of the readers and follow it at high speed. 

Anyway I hope other users of Kindle on any Android Tablet find it useful, great for reading bedtime stories to you or the kiddies. Here is the YouTube video:

If people find this useful please leave a comment or give it the thumbs up.
I plan to do another couple of short videos on using the accessibility options on the Android Tablet and the iPad.
Thanks for watching
Malcolm (aka fixed1t)

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Stiffed #free 10/20/2014 to 10/24/2014

20 October 2014 15:13 (GMT)


When World Champion poker player, Bubba McCall, gets a call from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, he learns that he could possibly be part of a murder investigation. The deceased turns out to be Sean Casey, a writer that Bubba once loaned money to so that he could move to Las Vegas. As Bubba does a little investigating of his own, he learns that Sean was working on a project that not only dealt with a new super casino that’s being built out in the desert, but also a fringe animal rights group that’s been wreaking havoc along The Strip. Things really start to heat up when Nikki St. James, a beautiful movie star, comes onto the scene. Bubba learns that she not only has a very dark past, but also appears to have had a close relationship with Sean. Apparently Bubba’s writer friend was a busy man, whose reportage was leading him down a very dangerous path, one that the poker player soon finds himself following as well… Sometimes humorous; sometimes heartbreaking, this is one hand you won’t want to miss—so throw some chips into the pot and join Bubba in a high stakes game of action and suspense, where if you’re not careful you just might end up being… STIFFED.

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Free 16-20 October - The Survival of Thomas Ford - 61 five-star reviews on Amazon UK

16 October 2014 10:00 (GMT)

Happy to announce that The Survival of Thomas Ford is free from 16-20 October!

82 reviews on Amazon UK with 4.5 average rating (157 reviews on Amazon US)


"This is writing and literature at its best. Imagine Stephen King combined with maybe Cormac McCarthy and a bit of Edgar Allan Poe tossed in"

"Beautifully written...compelling...literary fiction/tartan noir/thriller/zany black comedy...Logan dances on a literary knife edge...blazing talent"
Linda Gillard, author of A LIFETIME BURNING


Thomas Ford is the only survivor of the car crash which killed his wife. He is also the only witness who would be willing to identify the young, reckless driver who caused the crash. But the driver has no intention of ever letting himself be identified, not to mention what his father’s intentions are…or those of his girlfriend, Lorna, the hospital cleaner.

The young driver’s father is Jack McCallum, the powerful entrepreneur who has built a housing empire, McCallum Homes, on the high hills surrounding the city. Jack has his own dark secret to protect, as well as his business edifice to hold onto. There is no way in the world that Jack McCallum will ever let anything threaten the future of McCallum Homes...

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Kindle Promo – CONTINUANCE – FREE October 13 – 17, 2014!!

14 October 2014 14:11 (GMT)

My historical murder mystery, CONTINUANCE, is FREE until Friday of this week.  It's got a bit of romance, it's got LOTS of history and a nice "whodunnit" all rolled into one.  The book alternates between dual time periods - 1905 New York City and present day - and is two separate stories connected by the century-old remains discovered in a pirate's tunnel in modern-day Savannah during an FBI search for a kidnapped seven-year-old child.  If you liked the alternating time periods in Tess Gerritsen's THE BONE GARDEN, you'll like CONTINUANCE.

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Adalena's Dream--free 10/13/2014 TO 10/17/2014/ romantic/suspense

13 October 2014 16:28 (GMT)

During a violent thunderstorm, a plane crashes deep in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. A spoiled Beverly Hills couple survives the crash and is rescued by a mysterious stranger. At first the couple thinks the ex-soldier might possibly be their savior, a lifeline back to civilization, but as time goes on, they begin to suspect that the war hero is holding a secret of some kind, and that his motives are much more sinister...

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Free Today: How To Find The Right Person To Date Workbook

05 October 2014 01:00 (GMT)

Get How To Find The Right Person To Date Workbook FREE today (Sunday, October 5, 2014)
Click the link below to get a free copy from Amazon:
How To Find The Right Person To Date Workbook

How can you find the right person to date? 

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How can you find the right partner? 

How To Find The Right Person To Date Workbook will answer these questions and more. 

Celia John's book How To Find The Right Person To Date Workbook explains how to find a good partner and avoid abusive relationships. Her workbook will give you the tools you need to have better relationships. 

This workbook has over 20 worksheets and exercises to help you make the right decisions when you are choosing someone to date. This workbook will help you 

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• create your own dating criteria to select the right person for you 

Celia John will help you improve your chances of finding a good partner and avoiding abusive relationships. This workbook is a companion to Celia John's book How To Find The Right Person To Date.

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