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Review buttons on Amazon

30 November 2015 17:58 (GMT)

When reviewing Alex Roddie's new book on Amazon US, I came across these buttons, allowing me to rate the plot, mood, pace and characters.

I don't remember ever seeing these before! I haven't reviewed anything for a while so maybe everyone is familiar with these but me?

After I posted my review, it didn't seem that my selections appeared on the book page or made any difference. But perhaps this is feedback used by Amazon elsewhere, such as when making recommendations?

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What book have you not yet read that you would most like to read?

25 November 2015 22:11 (GMT)

What book have you not yet read that you would most like to read? And when are you going to get round to reading it?! Time's passing.
For reasons I cannot fathom, I have yet to read Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby, whose writing I very much enjoy. It is sitting there on the book-shelf now calling to me and has now been formally designated as my next fiction read.
What about you, what book's call have you yet to respond to?

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Paperwhite £30 off

23 November 2015 20:22 (GMT)

It seems that there's an offer on the Paperwhite  £79.99 down from £109.99.

But if you have £40 of Tesco clubcard vouchers, it's in the Tesco Clubcard Boost offer

I'm tempted to get a spare at that price.

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JooRevoo: Auto 2 by David Wailing

23 November 2015 18:51 (GMT)

Auto 2 by David Wailing

[Image: 51im-cXHh%2BL._AA160_.jpg]

Whilst Auto 2 follows Auto, it is more of a linear story as opposed to Auto 1's individual stories only tying-in in retrospect.

Auto 2 follows the stories directly from the first book with the distinct chapters telling the story from different character's viewpoint.

Joanna has lost Greg but nobody knew they were seeing each other. Her sister, Siobhan, has come to stay with her own problems. But there's an even bigger problem on-line.

I love these stories set in the early 2020s. Seeing the youngsters in work tapping on their social media makes me think of how things will be just 5-7 years down the line. In fact whilst reading this book on my kindle, I had to leave the house to go fetch a curry and made sure I synced it on my phone so I could read it whilst waiting for my order. Each little thing makes me wonder how historical the Auto series will become.

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How many times have you re-read a favourite book?

20 November 2015 17:52 (GMT)

I may have a problem. I'm inclined to call it Wyndhamism for reasons which will become obvious. I love to re-read a selection of very favourite books. I may have read some of them dozens of time. I think I could actually recite The Kraken Wakes word for word. My most read books are:

The Day of the Triffids
The Kraken Wakes
The Lost World by Arthur Conan Doyle
The War of the Worlds
Journey to the Centre of the Earth
Night Watch by Terry Pratchett
The Old Store by Peter Salisbury

Any one else out there who is an obsessive re-reader of books, or do you read once and move on? I have to say that when a book is very well written I find pleasure in it every time I pick it up, however familiar the story.

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JooRevoo: The Journal of Reginald Perigar by David Haynes

18 November 2015 17:14 (GMT)

The Journal of Reginald Perigar by David Haynes

[Image: 51I6lUdqT0L._AA160_.jpg]

This is a shortish story by the Master of Macabre David Haynes, but it's back in his smoggy London that he evokes so well.

Basil Jenkins is an old widower who likes to visit Jacques' Emporium to collect ever more exotic trinkets. This time, Jacques has something a bit different for him.

Considering this book is about reading a book about chess, it is filled with creepy moments. I was drawn in from the off with wondering what was going to happen.

I love this author's works so much I refuse to read any synopses, so I rarely have any idea what's ahead. To me, this makes the reading experience even more exciting, like Basil's anticipation as he returns home.

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Free eBook News

If you are looking for Free Kindle eBooks, you will find our complete daily list here. Below are our latest notifications direct from the author about their free promotions.

Return to The Rose Cottage - paranormal romance - FREE for 3 days

28 November 2015 14:55 (GMT)

Debra is back in London, having broken up with Mark. She misses him terribly, and misses the Rose Cottage too. But she sees the need to put all that behind her, and is trying to build a brand-new life. New friends, a new home, maybe even a new lover. Except that forces from beyond the veil – Great-Aunt June particularly – are still watching over her. And when strange coincidences start happening, Debra begins to realize they are guiding her toward true, everlasting happiness.

FREE this weekend and Monday.

Find out more.

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FREE today - The Ideal Christmas Gift Book

22 November 2015 11:36 (GMT)

The Ideal Christmas Gift Book -it's secret santa-stic, stocking fillingly brill!
For years Christmas book buying has been a hit and miss affair, but no longer... The Ideal Christmas Gift Book has been designed by scientists* who studied family interactions at Christmas and have designed the perfect book.
It's not a 5" thick biography of that person you think your mum/dad/husband/wife/cat/best friend quite likes.
It's not one of those books with a nice hardback cover, but inside one joke is stretched out over 50 sparse pages.
It's not a cook book! If there's one day you don't need a cook book it's Christmas day!

IT IS a book full of jokes, stuff you didn't know about Christmas, puzzles, quizzes, and general nonsense (all of it true! We checked out research, then checked it twice) that will provide entertainment for anyone from 10 to 110 on Christmas day.
And what's more EVERY copy sold raises money for charity

*Does a GCSE in Biology count?

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The Christmas Football Quiz Book, Joke Book, Fact Book - free for four days!

17 November 2015 23:54 (GMT)

The Christmas Football Quiz Book, Joke Book, Fact Book is free for the next four days. Ideal Christmas fun for any football fan!

The perfect formation of fun, knowledge, and fire power - this book is the essential gift for any football fan.

Packed full of jokes that are so good (and so very, very bad) that they are worthy of even the finest Christmas cracker.

Brimming with quizzes that will have you scratching your head. But when you get the right answer, you can do that goal celebration you’ve been planning, right there in front of the TV.

Stuffed with facts - fascinating, fun and mostly true - which will take you to the Champions League of Football Knowledge. You can even tell your mates, and pretend you knew them all already.

Surely the best Xmas book about football ever!

Have a look, and if you like it please leave a review. We're a micro publisher and have a selection of paperbacks/kindle books available this Christmas with a big chunk of the profits going to a variety of charities (50p or 75c from every book sold). Lat year we helped a mental health charity and the Alzheimer's Society. Any downloads/reads/reviews will help promote the books and raise more money.

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The Hangar Dance - Short WWII Romance

03 November 2015 22:00 (GMT)

To mark the month of Remembrance, The Hangar Dance , my short WWII romance, is free on Smashwords throughout November:

It's also currently free on Amazon, so grab it while you can!

Reviews, recommendations and ratings would be appreciated.

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Eat my shorts!

31 October 2015 19:17 (GMT)

Or maybe even read my shorts...
4 freebies from moi for Saturday and Sunday:

The Dinner Party: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00ESVDKD6
The Ghost Writer: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00DKHKJII
ACCUSED: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00UEPICPQ

And for the youngsters:

Amber and the Butterfly Fairies: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B007RZ4PAM

If you grab a copy or two, then many thanks. Thumbs Up

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