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The Turing Exception by William Hertling

20 August 2016 09:11 (GMT)

I've posted my review for William Hertling's novel 'The Turing Exception' - it's an excellent look at the technological singularity, and a cracking read:


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Anybody know the going rate for copywriting?

19 August 2016 16:42 (GMT)

Do you know how much people using pay copywriters for a 2,000 word article on something fairly straight forward, please?

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Legion of the Damned by Rob Sanders

08 August 2016 13:39 (GMT)

I've just posted my review for Legion of the Damned by Rob Sanders, and while it lacked a decent presence of the named chapter, it was still a decent battle in the 40K universe:


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The Temporal Void by Peter F Hamilton

06 August 2016 11:33 (GMT)

The Temporal Void

I've just posted my review of Peter F Hamilton's second book in The Void Trilogy - The Temporal Void. While I'm not a fan of the dream sequences, I did enjoy the threads outside the Void, and it ends with a fascinating revelation:


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Sinch the app between two Kindle

01 August 2016 20:37 (GMT)

Hello, I have two Kindle Paperwhite with the same account and I am using the Notepad Plus app and I would like to know how to sinch the contents of the app on both Kindle. For example sinch the diary or tasks on the other Kindle after writing on one of them. Thank you very much.

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translation of text

29 July 2016 08:54 (GMT)

I have a Kindle Ereader 6'' glare free.
Can I download a book in Spanish ,highlight a word I may not be familiar with and have it translated into English?
I anticipate some ice person coming to my aid as I was told that this is possible.

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Free eBook News

If you are looking for Free Kindle eBooks, you will find our complete daily list here. Below are our latest notifications direct from the author about their free promotions.

Free Dennis and Francois comic novella this weekend

14 August 2016 11:02 (GMT)

You can get the first book in the "laugh out loud" (Amazon reviewer) Dennis and Francois series free this weekend. See how the parade of thoroughly deserved indignities began as Dennis is forced to be nice and desperately asks the world, 
Could You Possibly Explain 'Nice'?

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FREE EBOOK: Diary of a chicken sitter

05 August 2016 17:35 (GMT)

Diary of a chicken sitter tells the story of a ten year old kid, Tommy Dee, who defies his mother's directives not to bring home a chicken because she suffers from “Alektrophobia” - the fear of chickens. 
He came across this chicken, whom he named Lady Coco, on a rainy day when he was returning from school. Never in his weirdest dream did he intend taking her home, but he had to resort to this means because of the unfair circumstance in which Lady Coco found herself: She was been kicked in the butt very hard by a plump-looking bully hen. 
Detailed in this book are Tommy's quests of keeping Lady Coco away from his mum's ever-increasing radar, the contradictory circumstances he had to face because of his association with her, and how the strange feathered creature eventually turned his life around for good. 

You can get it FREE on Amazon today(August 5th) and on Sunday(August 7th). PLEASE REMEMBER TO LEAVE BEHIND A REVIEW. THANKS IN ADVANCE.

Follow this link to download it: https://www.amazon.com/Diary-chicken-sitter-Courage-Rhema-ebook/dp/B01JEPY1VU?ie=UTF8&*Version*=1&*entries*=0

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The Ebb - FREE on Amazon

05 August 2016 12:30 (GMT)

Sweet first love on the Greek island of Corfu comes with a mysterious haunting...
The Ebb, book 1 in The Lady of the Pier trilogy, is FREE on Amazon today.
Get it now or download the whole trilogy for only 99c!
The Ebb: Free
The Flow: 99c
The Storm: Free

Visit Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00LGNYEPC

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My Moral Compass - Gay M/M Romance

05 August 2016 10:47 (GMT)

Hi, Free on Amazon today, My Moral Compass, Gay M/M Romance https://www.amazon.co.uk/Moral-Compass-London-Life-Book-ebook/dp/B01BJ325N6

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Keto Bodybuilding - Build Muscle on a Ketogenic Diet (FREE until 4th)

02 August 2016 10:40 (GMT)

Keto Bodybuilding - Build Muscle on a Ketogenic Diet (FREE until 4th of August)
Get it now and start building muscle.

[Image: 41Qq7Pbc3BL.jpg]

Keto Bodybuilding: Build Lean Muscle and Burn Fat at the Same Time by Eating a Low Carb Ketogenic Bodybuilding Diet and Get the Physique of a Greek God

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