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Are old kindles still good?

13 November 2018 07:13 (GMT)

I’m buying a kindle 3rd generation because I prefer the old look and tactile keys/keyboard. Are old kindles still good to use? Or do they slow down horrendously like iPhones do after a few years.

Speed Test Scrabble Word Finder Solitaire

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Kindle Keyboard Screen Issues

07 November 2018 10:36 (GMT)

Here is what is happening with my Kindle Keyboard . There is evenly spaced horizontal lines across the whole screen, sometimes it's worse than that. Sometimes a screen refresh gets rid of it, sometimes it doesn't. There is also long periods of time where it never happens, I can't reproduce it doing anything specific. I reset it to factory defaults and then it happened again (so I took the pic). Is my screen jacked? Is it possible it's the battery? It's long out of warranty, I assume it's not worth it buy parts and troubleshoot. Any ideas on what's causing it? 

Update: Well I ended up taking it apart, disconnecting the screen and reconnecting it. It remedied the problem for now. I'll see if it lasts. Speed Test Scrabble Word Finder Solitaire

Update 2: Well my Kindle became non-responsive when I went to go use it today. Held the power button and reset it and it is now working. Wondering if there is just a hardware issue.

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WiFi issues Kindle Fire HD 10

07 November 2018 10:35 (GMT)

The signal goes up and down a lot on my Kindle Fire HD 10 but all my other devices do not do this. It even goes all the way down to one bar at times. Anyone else have this problem with their Kindle? ABCya Adam4Adam POF

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Kindle paperwhite not connecting to WiFi

18 October 2018 08:37 (GMT)

My paperwhite is about 1.5 years old and for the last month it will not connect to WiFi. When I’m at home it won’t even find our Home network. If I’m in a coffee shop, hotel, etc, it will usually find the network but when it brings me to the sign in page, it freezes. I’ve reset the kindle but it didn’t help at all. Does anyone have any advice? Or know where I can get some online help for this issue? Thanks! ABCya Adam4Adam POF

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Non Dan Brown recommendations please

23 September 2018 17:27 (GMT)

I have a problem in that while I like novels with the general theme of historical mysteries, everything seems to be compared to Dan Brown.   Now I'm sure that I'm not the only one out there who thinks that Dan Brown is a lousy writer and anything that compares to Dan Brown is therefore bound to be rubbish.   In other words a sure way of putting me off a book is to say that it's 'a must read for all fans of Dan Brown'.   For me that's the kiss of death.

What puts me off is that Dan Brown presents so much fiction as being fact.   What I mean by that is that he uses background fact to illustrate a fictional premise that isn't fact at all.   Some people respond to that by saying 'well it's just fiction so it doesn't matter', but I think it does.   For example one of the Scott Mariani books (now his books are good fun) uses the history of the Cathars as a basis, and that history does have a basis in fact, whereas The Da Vinci Code contains evidence supporting his fiction that is itself fiction, or at least evidence so ill-researched that it's as good as fiction. 

I was just looking at some Paul Sussman Kindle books which looked good until I noticed the '... must read ... Dan Brown ...', so have held back from buying.   I then thought perhaps I should come to this forum to get ideas from you good people as to places to look for a good read.   Please don't anyone suggest the Matt Drake series as I thought they made Dan Brown look quite good.

I'm not looking to get into an argument over, and will not be drawn into a discussion on the pros and cons of Dan Brown's output (or the prodigious Matt Drake stuff either), I'd just like to have some idea of what is wheat and what is chaff from the huge amount of material that's out there.


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Kindle Paperwhite loses brightness

20 September 2018 21:52 (GMT)

Now and again my Kindle Paperwhite will turn down the screen brightness of its own accord. This never happens when it's in use, but, for example,  if I shut the Kindle overnight and open up the next morning the brightness will have been turned down. Sometimes it's turned so low that I can barely see the options to select to turn the brightness back up.

Any ideas?


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Free eBook News

If you are looking for Free Kindle eBooks, you will find our complete daily list here. Below are our latest notifications direct from the author about their free promotions.

Free until 11/14 The Green Beret series: Chasing the Son

12 November 2018 12:42 (GMT)

Chasing the Son
Place, time and family. Three things that shape individuals. Sometimes with love. Other times with violence.

Former covert operative, Horace Chase, has just discovered he has a son; a son who fled the Military Institute of South Carolina a year and a half ago after being accused of murder. The victim is the grandson of the most powerful woman in Charleston, South Carolina, who has sworn vengeance.

Chase teams up with another former covert operative, Dave Riley, and one of Riley’s old CIA friends, Kate Westland, to find his son and uncover the truth. Barely into their investigation they become caught up in a land development deal for Daufuskie Island worth hundreds of millions. 

Chase and Riley’s covert background has taught them many things, but the most valuable has been that nothing is ever as it appears as an old nemesis rears her head, hell bent on revenge against them both along with a good helping of greed.

And in the shadows hovers THE CELLAR, the agency that polices the world of covert operations.

One by one, the competitors of the land deal are being killed and the threat to Chase’s son grows. And nothing, not the present, not the past, and no one, are as they appear to be.

Who will be left standing?
[Image: 51i-XxZ3vHL.jpg]

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Z-The Final Countdown is free through 9 November

08 November 2018 14:48 (GMT)

Z: The Final Countdown
How do you solve the problem of scarce resources and over-population with one devastating act?

Publishers Weekly: “The action is crisp with a great job of establishing a sense of reality—and real danger—by mixing current fears about killer diseases with a clear-eyed view of the Army.”

Assigned to escort SNN’s ace reporter Conner Young, who’s accompanying a US Army Special Forces A-team as part of the UN’s peacekeeping mission in Angola, former Green Beret Dave Riley finds himself undertaking his most dangerous and thrilling mission yet.

In the war-torn jungles of Africa, the team becomes infected with a terrible disease known as ‘Z’, which kills within days and is now on the verge of an uncontrollable outbreak.

The shocking truth about the virus points to a mysterious diamond cartel based on the Namibian coast. In a desperate race against time, Riley and the assault team must secure the only antidote before it is destroyed.
[Image: 51m1OIge0YL.jpg]

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FREE today only 10/29 Prepare Now-Survive Now

29 October 2018 13:27 (GMT)

Prepare Now-Survive Now
Written by a former member of Special Operations and NY Times Bestselling author, this is a handy guide to preparing for possible emergencies and basic survival information. This is a distilled, version of two longer manuals, one on preparation, the other on survival. While not a first aid manual, it gives an introduction to basic techniques and links to free, advanced apps.

Key Information Everyone In Your Household Must Know
The First Five Things to Do in an Emergency
First Aid: Breathing
First Aid: Bleeding
First Aid: Free Apps
Water. The basics and procurement
Grab-n-Go Bag
High Likelihood Specific Emergencies (power outage, fire, tornado, hurricane, heat wave, earthquake, flood)
Appendix A: SURVIVAL acronym
Appendix B: Free downloadable apps
Appendix C: Items mentioned with links
Appendix D: Links to free Powerpoint Survival Slideshows
Appendix E: All checklists

If there is one book you must have, this is it.

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FREE 10/20 to 11/1 Hallows Eve

28 October 2018 13:24 (GMT)

Hallows Eve
What does it take to change history and destroy our reality? The same date, 31 October, six different years: Hallows Eve. The Time Patrol must send an agent back to each 24 hour bubble in time to keep our timeline intact.

Scout: 31 Oct 1517: Luther nails 95 Theses to the door of the Cathedral in Wittenberg, forever changing the world. Or does he?

Neeley: 31 Oct 1984: Indira Gandhi is assassinated. But what if she isn't?

Lara: 31 Oct 1692: The Salem Witch Trials are coming to an end, but what if there is one more, very important, victim?

Roland: 31 Oct 1941: Six weeks before Pearl Harbor, the first American warship is sunk by a German U-Boat. But what if the Reuben James is carrying a very special cargo?

Eagle: 31 Oct 1828: The last year of Shaka Zulu’s reign. But what if the mad king of the Zulus must fight one, last great battle to save all mankind?

Ivar: Zero Day, Zero Year: A wrinkle in the mission as a team member must prevent a Zero Day exploit that could destroy our modern world.

The Time Patrol must send an agent back to each day, with just 24 hours for each to defeat the Shadow's plan to disrupt our time-line, creating a time tsunami and wiping our present out.
[Image: 51ZwYjI5nTL.jpg]

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"Leaving London" chick lit ebook FREE 25 to 28 October

24 October 2018 15:49 (GMT)

My latest novel Leaving London is available to download from Amazon for free from 25 until 28 October.

This is a story about careers, relationships, and the difficulties of combining the two. It's a light, easy read -- perfect for curling up with in front of the fire on these cool autumn evenings.

Here's the full blurb:

For Lucille Glencross, career is everything and relationships are nothing. Having experienced a fractured childhood, she is convinced that the only route to happiness involves standing on her own two feet and trusting no one. In this way, she protects herself from further hurt.

But when her best friend invites her to be a bridesmaid in Italy, Lucille’s orderly world is turned upside down. Whilst meeting new people and observing different customs, Lucille begins to wonder whether she’s got it all wrong. Could there be another, happier way to live her life?

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