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book by its cover

15 February 2017 17:18 (GMT)

Hi this is my first posting on the forums so my apologies if this is in the wrong section.

I have a question if anyone is able to help?
I like my E-books to have a specific cover, sometimes to match the tree book version I have and I've noticed that some have updated to recent release versions rather than what was originally loaded - is there a way of changing the covers back? Importing and changing to a preferred cover choice like you can within Goodreads.

Any helpful comments welcomed

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kindle brick wall

27 January 2017 17:58 (GMT)

Kindle brick wall
I have just purchased a paperwhite and tried many times to get a book onto my kindle
Rather than give up is there anyone I or near Gainsborough who could do this for me
I am sure once all is set up I would then be able to use it myself
I have read many bits of how to.  But alas. Still stuck and I desperation searched for a site who may offer hands on
Kind regards


Hope I entered all 

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Kindle Paperwhite won't charge

26 January 2017 13:56 (GMT)

My Kindle Paperwhite isn't charging. The battery level is low but not critically low and when I connect to a power source, the battery indicator light goes amber for about 10 seconds and then changes to green. I've tried disconnecting and reconnecting many times with the same result always. I also tried charging through the computer and this hasn't worked either.
I'd appreciate any advice on how to solve this issue.

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free download - ( Humorous South African short story…. Urban Legend ?)

14 January 2017 20:18 (GMT)

FREE  this weekend ... Sat 14th and Sun 15th  Jan

His  Grandfather's  Garden

Jannie Jaacobs was in the second-hand car business. Or, to be more specific, Jannie was in the business of getting cars started. (Even if the keys were not always available.)

But having re-located his business from Capetown to Jo'burg (with a considerable degree of urgency and haste), Jannie was presented with a problem.

He was no longer able to dig his beloved Grandfather's garden for him, and the Old Man had now injured his hip.

...... Jannie had to find a solution: fast.

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Over 150 SF/F Books at 99 cent - worldwide promo

07 January 2017 09:02 (GMT)

Windcatcher is in there too, but that's only one of the sweet deals you can pick up. Thumbs Up Check out the others as well and perhaps discover some great new series and authors.
Promolink: http://pattyjansen.com/promo/
[Image: PromoJanuary2016Home.jpg]

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Win a Kindle Fire + Science Fiction/Fantasy books

19 December 2016 09:36 (GMT)

You could win a Kindle Fire and a bundle of Science Fiction/Fantasy books: http://helensmithbooks.com/giveaways/december2016/
For authors/bloggers interested in sponsoring giveaways, please sign up here for notifications.

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Free eBook News

If you are looking for Free Kindle eBooks, you will find our complete daily list here. Below are our latest notifications direct from the author about their free promotions.

The Necklace of Goddess Athena - FREE kindle

25 March 2017 07:38 (GMT)

Greek myths, family secrets & romance.

"A stunning masterpiece . . . so well-written that I couldn't put it down."
~Readers' Favorite

Siblings Phevos and Daphne are sent from ancient Greece to 21st-century Athens by their mysterious father without any explanation. Phevos falls in love with a local girl who proves to be anything but a random stranger. Shocking revelations lead the youngsters to new discoveries as an Olympian God offers magical artifacts to help them reunite with their lost parents. Now, they are ensnared in a war between two gods. Can they uncover their long-forgotten family secrets and fulfill their destinies?

Visit Amazon:  https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00I5GXHCO

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Free 24 March/31 March - 2 April: Occult Mystery/Comedy: Gwydion's Dawn

24 March 2017 10:27 (GMT)

Free Kindle download on Friday 24th March, and from Friday 31st March to Sunday 2nd April: Gwydion's Dawn, a wry occult mystery.

Gwydion Turner - purple-clad, acid-fried, occult-obsessed Glastonbury sixties throwback, claimed to be upset at Jefferson Airplane having stolen 'his' riff to use in their hit 'White Rabbit'. Things could have been so different for Sonic Kaleidoscope, or so he thinks. Just who, or what, is he? The people of Glastonbury know only so much, although to them he is but one of any number of eccentric curiosities who grace the streets of their town. For the best part of the last decade, he has devoted himself to the 'Great Work', which he now believes himself to be upon the brink of realising; an esoteric activity that many, if not most, would regard as both incredible, and insane.

One night in September 1985, his partial disclosure of the nature of his occult activities reveals him to be far from the harmless buffoon that people had supposed. There is, it seems, a whiff of death about the man.

A wry-humoured novella set amidst the world of Glastonbury's occult counterculture.

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I, Judas. The Fifth Gospel. FREE Today

20 March 2017 12:58 (GMT)

I, Judas. The Fifth Gospel
[Image: 51u0OfqOixL.jpg]
As a massive object appears in space heading directly toward Earth, the Brotherhood heralds it as Wormwood, one of the signs the Rapture and it’s just three days away. They have been preparing to implement the Great Commission as designated by Jesus—where everyone on the planet must hear the word of God before the end in order to be saved. They will use advanced technology to send that message directly into the minds of every human on the planet. The question is: will the message kill everyone who gets it or save them?

Believing Judas, the anti-Christ is alive and well and living in the Amazon, they also send a team of assassins up the Amazon to find the Great Betrayer and kill him before Armageddon.

Opposing the Brotherhood is the Triumvirate of the Illuminati. They believe they must stop the Great Commission and the assassination team. At the same time they rush to gather nuclear weapons and launch missiles into space to divert the Intruder, as they call the object, believing it to be a natural phenomenon over which technology will prevail.

As the object nears Earth, both sides become locked in a world-wide battle for the future of the human race, as Judas prepares in the jungle for the Second Coming, the fulfillment of his Fifth Gospel.

Which is not at all what anyone expects.

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Optioned by Clooney's Production Company: Lost Girls. FREE

19 March 2017 14:28 (GMT)

Lost Girls
Underneath a web of death, deceit, and revenge lies an even more shocking crime . . . a conspiracy that powerful men will sacrifice their lives -- and the lives of their families -- to protect.

Who polices the world of covert operations? Enter the Cellar, the most secret spy organization hiding deep within the United States.

Deep in the forests of Kentucky, a girl is held captive.

In Oklahoma, a young preschool teacher is murdered in front of her students.

In the Panhandle of Florida, a college undergrad is kidnapped from a nightclub.

These seemingly unrelated crimes catch the eye of the Cellar, the ultrasecret cell of operatives set up to police all other government agencies. Cellar operatives Gant and Neeley, along with profiler Susan Golden, must track down those responsible. But these are not ordinary criminals. They are a highly trained Special Forces sniper team. Crisscrossing the United States as new Cellar head Hannah Masterson calls the shots from up high, the Cellar operatives soon find themselves being targeted. Whoever is behind this knows the ultra top-secret Cellar's tactics all to well.

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FREE Mar 16-20 HEALING TALIA m/f femdom

16 March 2017 17:37 (GMT)

[Image: w8tfr7]

 On Amazon Now

How far will a man go for the woman he loves?


Talia was my world from the first moment I saw her. She became my beautiful, sexy, life-giving wife. She gave me sons. She took me to sensual places I never imagined. 

And then she was kidnapped and assaulted, for hours. Now, just the sight of me too close to her, frightens her. I'd do anything to help her heal and hold her safe in my arms. Anything. ... Or I thought I would.

Until she pulled out the restraints. 

And the flogger.

8k M/F  femdom, erotic Romance - Healing Talia has NO descriptions of noncon sexual violence.

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