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Kindles make the best gifts!

19 July 2019 15:07 (GMT)

Last week I discovered that I could share my entire Amazon cloud full of e books with my youngest daughter, she's 19 and is developing a taste for psychological thrillers like me. So I set up the household account and got it all working. Well afterwards I was browsing Kindles in Amazon as hers is about 5 years or more old now and was second hand when she had it, so it's done really well and is still going strong, but I thought she deserved a new one and as she's done really well and got all distinctions in her college biology work this last year decided I'd surprise her with a brand new model. I ordered it and didn't breath a word and when it came I just handed her the parcel and said it was for her. Her face when she realised what it was was such a picture and a real joy. She was so surprised and was thrilled to bits. She ordered a new case for it too and it's been going everywhere with her. I'll never forget her face!!! They really do make amazing gifts, both of mine have been gifts, first one was from my husband and the second I saved birthday money from family and bought one. My eldest daughter still ha my keyboard one and Nina my youngest says she's going to keep the old one in her college bag so she always has one on hand.

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Moving items from Docs to Books

07 July 2019 16:59 (GMT)

A number of books transferred to my Kindle Paperwhite have gone into Docs by mistake.  Can anyone tell me a way of moving them across into Books?  It seems that I can't read Docs items if I'm reading from my laptop instead of my Kindle which is one reason for me wanting to. I think one of my items in Docs is part of a series, the rest of which are in Books.

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Not all collections transferring to new Paperwhite

01 May 2019 17:19 (GMT)

I recently got the latest PW, and am suitably impressed. When I registered it, it did what it should do and all my collections appeared on it when I touch the "All" option...

Well, nearly all - but not quite. I have about 60-odd collections on my Amazon account, but about five of them haven't transferred to my PW. Any advice, short of de-registering and then re-registering the thing (which may or may not work anyway...)?


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My Paperwhite refuses to sync to the last page read

29 April 2019 17:51 (GMT)

Hi. I read my books on my phone with the Kindle Android app and on my third generation Paperwhite. These last couple of weeks my Paperwhite refuses to sync to the last page read. Instead it gives me this error:
"Unable to retrieve the furthest location read. If this is the first time you have opened this book, your device will update your location when you close the book or your device goes to sleep."
My phone doesn't give any error, but as I'm unable to sync my progress from my Kindle to the cloud, I can't really test whether the app works.
The weird thing is that syncing bookmarks works fine. I know I can use this as a workaround, but it's hardly ideal.  Lorem Ipsum Temp Mail 10 Minute Mail

Another workaround is to delete the book and redownload it on my Kindle. This let's me get the current progress, but only that time.

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Does Kindle allow sorting by series order or release year yet?

29 April 2019 17:42 (GMT)

I'm getting a new Kindle tomorrow (the new Paperwhite) and am pretty excited! My old kindle is a Kindle 3 (Kindle Keyboard from 2010) and it has served me well. I always I disliked the fact that I couldn't sort by series, though, line I could ass books in a series to a collection, but then they would just sort alphabetically. OmegleAppvalleyhttps://192168ll.onl/  

Do the newer kindles have this functionality? Also, somewhat related, so they allow sub-xollections? Or are those sort of features pretty much the same as they were in the older kindles?
Thanks for any input!

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Wifi connection timeout - and timein again

21 February 2019 14:37 (GMT)

This was a problem until about halfway through this message, when it spontaneously fixed itself. It's now just for information. 

My 5th generation Paperwhite suddenly wouldn't connect after several years of flawless operation. I tried restarting it and signing on to the network, but no luck. I know it wasn't the wifi, because I'm using the UK-wide Eduroam network at my university, and all other Internet applications were working fine, as was my mobile phone logged onto that network. Now, about an hour later, and partway through what was this message, it's suddenly spontaneously reconnected, and all the books, samples and articles I'd sent  in the meantime have appeared. 

Just for general information - is there any explanation for these once-in-a-blue-moon glitches?

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Free eBook News

If you are looking for Free Kindle eBooks, you will find our complete daily list here. Below are our latest notifications direct from the author about their free promotions.

FREE 7/14 to 7/16 A Step By Step Survival Guide We All Need

14 July 2019 13:47 (GMT)

The Procrastinator's Survival Guide
[Image: 51Ud8eLWcvL.jpg]

In an uncertain world we know we haven’t done what we should to be prepared for even mild emergencies, but when we start looking into it, we get overwhelmed and put it off for ‘someday’. This is the book that makes ‘someday’ today. A book that will walk you through preparation step by easy step. That provides the key survival information you’ll need in a disaster in one handy place.

It’s full of checklists and links to gear so you can easily see what you should do and what you should have. The book opens with an interactive examination of your specific environment, your potential disasters and then sections are separated into levels of preparation so that you can adjust it to your situation. 

Preparation is the key to reducing anxiety and increasing capability. Especially in our current era of great uncertainty.

Stop procrastinating. The first step is to make a decision NOW!

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AREA 51: Invasion

10 July 2019 13:19 (GMT)

AREA 51: Invasion
[Image: 51X-MbI8RtL.jpg]
The Ancient Enemy has arrived.

A Swarm Battle Core is orbiting Earth preparing for the Reaping.

The remnants of mankind desperately try to either survive or fight back.

But they aren’t certain what they’re going to face. All they have are myths and legends. And when the Swarm actually does land, it’s worse than any of those.

Major Mike Turcotte, the hero in defeating the Airlia, makes a desperate attempt to stop the Swarm by going directly to the Core. On Earth, the future of mankind hides in the Facility, an underground self-contained ecosystem. And across the planet others prepare for the last fight.

From an Assassin in New York City who performs a heroic act of sacrifice, to the enigmatic Darlene in her trailer in Marfa, Texas, to Nosferatu and Nekhbet, the last two Elder undead hiding on an island in Puget Sound.

It appears there is no hope.

But there is always hope, but sometimes it takes a tremendous, unthinkable sacrifice.

"Action packed entertainment." Kirkus Reviews.

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FREE kindle book - Greek fantasy romance, The Necklace of Goddess Athena

21 March 2018 14:50 (GMT)

The Necklace of Goddess Athena by Effrosyni Moschoudi is FREE today on kindle! March 21-25 only!
Phevos, an ancient Greek, remembers very little from his childhood. When his mysterious father sends him to modern-day Athens on a time-traveling mission, he feels completely lost. Little does he know that dark family secrets, Greek Gods and romantic love await him here to fulfill his destiny…

Silver-medalist in the 2017 International Book Awards of Readers' Favorite.
Visit Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00I5GXHCO

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FREE kindle books for your pleasure!

29 March 2015 16:42 (GMT)

Enjoy a selection of great Kindle e-books, all FREE. Some temporarily, some permanently.

I'll be posting a free book or two on most days, so keep checking back to see if there's something you're interested in!

If you love the books, leave a nice review for the authors, they are sure to appreciate it! Smile


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Duallists by David Wailing - now perma-free on Amazon

28 May 2014 11:31 (GMT)

My novel Duallists is now permanently FREE on all major eBook platforms!

Duallists is a 50,000 word science fiction thriller set in the brutal world of a mining vessel on the Moon.

This novel was previously free for a limited time only during the Edinburgh eBook Festival 2013 and has never been commercially available.

You can now get the book for free from Amazon for your Kindle!

Thanks to D2D, you can also get the ebook for free for the Kobo and Nook e-readers, and from iTunes for all Apple devices. All the links are on my blog.

Thanks to everyone who previously downloaded and reviewed Duallists on Goodreads!

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