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Pairing with bluetooth headphones

08 December 2018 10:55 (GMT)

Hello there, I am very happy to be a new member of the community!
I have received the new Kindle Paperwhite for my birthday last month, and I finally managed to have my audible collection on it. However I can't pair my brand new Sony WH-1000XM3 with it, as the list of available connected bluetooth devices shows nothing. I have already tried to switch the Kindle on and off - even resetted it to factory settings. Both kindle and headphones firmware are up to date.
I would appreciate your help on that issue!
Best regards,

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Kindle X-ray issue?

04 December 2018 07:49 (GMT)

Is anybody facing issues with the x-ray being greyed out across all your books. I have my books indexed and my books which previously had x-ray enabled which were bought from the kindle store has lost that functionality. I tried it on my iOS devices too and for some reason it ain’t working there either. https://downloader.vip/the-pirate-bay/ PutLocker https://appsync.biz/123movies/

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Kindle Paperwhite 4 (Newest Version) Calibre Issues

01 December 2018 08:29 (GMT)

Has anyone else had issues with Calibre detecting the new Kindle? appsync.biz/speed-test appsync.biz/scrabble-word-finder appsync.biz/solitaire
 I am on the current version of Calibre, and it does not recognize the reader. Windows explorer detects and allows me to explore the files just fine. Any suggestions?

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e-book in a second language

26 November 2018 11:12 (GMT)

I have published a Kindle book (in English language) 'Tales from the Arctic' on Amazon, and although I am aware that there are 'apps' available for some e-book readers' devices that can translate the text to their respective language, Kindle does not support text in cyrillic, so would it be bending the rules if I produced the book as a stand-alone e-book?

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Does anyone engage with textbooks on Kindle?

25 November 2018 17:51 (GMT)

Hi, I'm writing a textbook on engineering/  Speed Test Scrabble Word Finder Solitaire mathematics/physics for Amazon. It'll be my first writing attempt and so before I embark on the endeavour of converting to Kindle, I'd like to know if people engage with textbooks on Kindle, or are students more likely to use paper textbooks? Thanks

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Kindle worth it?

24 November 2018 05:45 (GMT)

Been thinking about a kindle for a long time. Never got one because I just prefer physical books.

I read an article recently about  Speed Test Scrabble Word Finder Solitaire kindles from a similar perspective i have. They said e-books are very cheap and when you find favorite books, you can buy physical copies.

I looked at the kindle library and most e-books cost more than the soft cover books???

I dont understand the point then other than convenience. Any suggestions would be nice.

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Free eBook News

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FREE Today through 12/12 The Green Berets

10 December 2018 14:03 (GMT)

Chasing the Ghost
Covert operative Horace Chase has been chasing ghosts his entire life. 

First, his Medal-of-Honor winner father who died in Vietnam without ever meeting his son. And left him the legacy of an automatic appointment to the Military Academy at West Point which shaped the next thirty-five years of Chase's life. Then, the ghost of his mother, who died while he was at war in Afghanistan and wounded, causing him to resign his commission and return to the United States, a lost soul. 

Chase now wears two hats as a Federal counter-terrorism liaison to the local police department in Boulder, Colorado where he becomes embroiled in two seemingly un-related cases. Working as a detective with Boulder PD he chases another death, this one the apparent rape/murder of Rachel Stevens, an upscale housewife attending night classes at the University of Colorado. And with his counter-terrorism team he is embroiled in a series of killings involving a militia group, a rogue ex-Special Forces officer, a psychopathic ex-CIA contract mercenary, and ruthless drug runners.

From the streets of Boulder, to the highest railroad tunnel in the world, to a swingers club hiding in plain site in suburbia, Afghanistan starts to look pretty good to Chase.
[Image: 51xs7al3S0L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg]

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FREE until 12/7 Independence Day

04 December 2018 15:15 (GMT)

Independence Day (Time Patrol)
'The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.' [b]Einstein.

What does it take to change history and destroy our reality? Change events on the same date, 4 July, in six different years. The Time Patrol must send an agent back to each day, with just 24 hours for each to defeat the Shadow's plan to disrupt our time-line, creating a time tsunami and wiping our present out.

Doc travels to the 4th of July, 1776, one of the most important dates in American history where forces are at work in Philadelphia to add a Declaration of Emancipation to the Declaration of Independence.

Moms goes to Monticello exactly 50 years later, in 1826. The day on which two of the architects of that document and the country, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, die within hours of each other. What secrets do they hold close on their deathbeds? And who else might know about them?

Roland is at Gettysburg, the day after the Confederacy reaches its 'high water mark' with Pickett's charge on the 3rd of July 1863. But on the 4th, both armies stare at each other on a rainy day, waiting for the other to make a move. What if the Union attacks?

Ivar is in the same war, in the same year, at a victory that is over-shadowed by Gettysburg in terms of publicity, but of more value strategically, when Grant takes Vicksburg on the 4th of July, 1863. But what if this great victory turns into the Union's greatest shame?

On the 4th of July 1976, before there was a 'War on Terror', the Israelis launch a daring raid to free hostages at Entebbe. There is only one casualty in their force, the older brother of the current Prime Minister; what if that had turned out differently? Eagle is there to make sure it doesn't.

Scout travels furthest back, to the 4th of July 362 B.C. to the Battle of Mantinea in Greece, in which Sparta is defeated by Thebes in a Pyrrhic victory, leading to a third party uniting Greece: Philip II, father of a man who would change history: Alexander The Great. But what if Sparta wins the battle?
[b][Image: 51LDR4pw8aL.jpg]

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Free thru 30 Nov-- a modern Dirty Dozen

27 November 2018 13:20 (GMT)

Section Eight
Captain Jim Vaughn is an officer in disgrace. Commanding a Special Forces mission to rescue hostages in the Philippines, Vaughn's team is destroyed, and when the smoke clears, he is made the scapegoat. Forced into the shadows by the scandal, Vaughn is offered a chance for redemption when he is approached by an enigmatic government agent working for The Organization, looking for a few desperate men.

The Organization pulled strings long before the founding of the United States. It dates back to the destruction of the Knights Templar and even further in history. As secrets from the Golden Lilly Operation and the infamous Unit 731 from World War II become exposed, Vaughn has to wonder who the real enemy is.

Section Eight are the men and women called upon by The Organization to do the impossible. They are the soldiers who have nothing to lose. They make up a top-secret unit tasked with suicide missions. 

Vaughn is given a group of men and women outside of the regular chain of command. These are men and women who have crossed the line one too many times. Drug users. Felons. The terminally ill. These are the soldiers that Vaughn must trust with his life. Even with a traitor in their ranks. 

A team of such unique properties is the perfect tool to use against America's enemies...and possibly America itself.

"Bob Mayer tells Green Beret stories like Joseph Wambaugh tells cop stories!” Macon News-Record
[Image: 51K1bRBu-BL.jpg]

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FREE E-BOOKS Nov. 21-25

21 November 2018 11:56 (GMT)

My E-BOOKS will be FREE ON AMAZON Thu. Nov. 21 through Sun. Nov. 25: 

(1)    Phonics for Parents

(2)    Phonics for Teachers

(3)    What Do Kids Need to Know About Finance?

(4)    What Do Canadian Kids Need to Know About Finance?

(5)    Small Town Roots

(6)    Small Town Roots: Volume Two

(7)    A Childhood in Black and White

(8)    Anne at Nine

(9)    Mid-Century Rhymes and Songs

(10)  Great-Grandma’s Outlaw Cousins

(11)  Hangar One

(12)  Poems for a Greener Earth

(13)  Ancestors on Facebook 

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Free until 11/14 The Green Beret series: Chasing the Son

12 November 2018 12:42 (GMT)

Chasing the Son
Place, time and family. Three things that shape individuals. Sometimes with love. Other times with violence.

Former covert operative, Horace Chase, has just discovered he has a son; a son who fled the Military Institute of South Carolina a year and a half ago after being accused of murder. The victim is the grandson of the most powerful woman in Charleston, South Carolina, who has sworn vengeance.

Chase teams up with another former covert operative, Dave Riley, and one of Riley’s old CIA friends, Kate Westland, to find his son and uncover the truth. Barely into their investigation they become caught up in a land development deal for Daufuskie Island worth hundreds of millions. 

Chase and Riley’s covert background has taught them many things, but the most valuable has been that nothing is ever as it appears as an old nemesis rears her head, hell bent on revenge against them both along with a good helping of greed.

And in the shadows hovers THE CELLAR, the agency that polices the world of covert operations.

One by one, the competitors of the land deal are being killed and the threat to Chase’s son grows. And nothing, not the present, not the past, and no one, are as they appear to be.

Who will be left standing?
[Image: 51i-XxZ3vHL.jpg]

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