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JooRevoo: Sun Dragon by Michael Brookes

24 April 2015 20:29 (GMT)

Sun Dragon by Michael Brookes

[Image: 51V1cDLzQ2L._AA160_.jpg]

In the near future a spaceship sets off to Mars, its 6 person crew made up of more mature members. They are all capable of doing each other's jobs. It is planned to be a long mission there and back.

The first half of this book is the journey there. A few things go wrong, but nothing too bad. This part of the story is interesting enough in a travelling across the universe kind of way. I liked finding out the "boring" jobs they had to do to keep themselves alive and on track.

The second half is what happens when they get there and the consequences of what happened. This then turned into a tense journey. I liked this half even better than the first. I didn't expect what happened to happen. I don't read much sci-fi, this this was a great story. I was very much gripped with wanting to just keep on reading and hoping for "my" ending to happen.

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Top Banana by Kath Middleton

18 April 2015 16:39 (GMT)

Review for Top Banana, by Kath Middleton
5-Star, highly recommended. 
Kath is well known for writing in many genres, and this latest offering is nothing like she’s ever published before. It is a delightful story showing how one boy becomes a man, how he works hard to find his true self rather than be content with the one constantly presented to him by his overbearing mother.
Top Banana is a comedy that will make you laugh, but it’s more than that; it’s a story that is thought-provoking, that is utterly charming, and almost utopian. I say almost, because it has just the right amount of angst in the mix to make you worry once in a while.

If you’ve read a Kath Middleton story before you’ll appreciate how elegant her writing is, how easy to absorb the story is too, and if you haven’t read one of her books before, then read this one, it’s a delight, and thoroughly enjoyable.

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Beneath the Boards by David Haynes

18 April 2015 16:37 (GMT)

Review for Beneath the Boards by David Haynes

5-stars. Highly recommended. 

I looked forward to reading this for a long time, and when I finally got around to it I wasn’t disappointed. Quite simply, this has one of the best opening chapters I’ve ever read. For its duration I was convinced we were heading into a thriller but David was luring me in. The book swiftly becomes a cross between a psychological thriller and a horror – and it wouldn’t be out of place in either genre.
As always, David’s writing is easy on the eye, yet subtly complex as we follow the lead character along corridors of introspection that darken considerably toward the end, and leave you wondering if it was introspection after all, and not just a trick of the mind.

Very clever and very entertaining.

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US Gift Token Question...

11 April 2015 14:46 (GMT)

I won a 5 dollar gift token on Facebook a while ago. The thing is, can I actually use it? It's sitting in my .com account but if I click on a book to buy it on .com I'm told to go get it on .co.uk or words to that effect. Any ideas? Pondering

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JooRevoo: The Butterfly Effect by Julie McLaren

05 April 2015 20:40 (GMT)

The Butterfly Effect by Julie McLaren

[Image: 61NZh-9tWdL._AA160_.jpg]

This is a very tense psychological thriller. Amy wakes up in a strange locked room after being kidnapped. She recounts what led to her being there from her happy life to being stalked and losing her family and friends.

I read this in just two sittings, I just didn't want to put it down as I followed Any into her spiral of despair and how she planned to get out of it. The story is told in Amy's first person, so we are introduced to her past life as she recalls it. To me this made the story very insular and claustrophobic and kept me wanting to know more.

I'd say this is a good read, but it made me feel creeped out. Just what a good psychological thriller should do.

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The rise in the number of eBooks available on Kindle (with figures from 2010)

05 April 2015 17:38 (GMT)

I happened to notice that there were 91 000 new eBooks released on Kindle this month and became curious about how much and how fast the figure had risen over the years and did a little research for some facts and figures for anyone else who is interested:

The first Kindle was released in the US in 2007

In 2010 there were said to be over 400 000 titles available for Kindle

The Kindle became available from Amazon.co.uk in August 2010* (I think?)

According to an article in the Daily Mail in September 2011 there were 650 000 eBooks for sale and a million free books available

Elsewhere the figure of 765 000 in July of 2011 is cited

The most recent figure I can find for April 2015 is 3 464 475 (three and a half million – and rising)

The article in the Mail I mentioned above was titled How you can make a million writing your own e-book  and may have encourage more people to try writing their eBook

But bear in mind that back at the beginning of 2010 when I bought my first Kindle direct from the US, people I met asked what on earth it was – so there may have been fewer books available, but there were far fewer people who were buying them than now.

There are currently 893 611 books available from Kindle Unlimited

If anyone else can add any interesting figures related to the numbers of eBooks available or how many were being bought at any time, please add.

* confirmation or correction would be welcome

Edited to add: It is estimated that there are 30 million Kindle eReaders currently in use Here

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Free eBook News

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24h Deal on Free eBooks For Kindle Mega Thread

23 April 2015 10:45 (GMT)

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Mystery thriller free for two days

22 April 2015 18:27 (GMT)

DEATH IN JULY free on Kindle 22-23 April

[Image: 51Gg4%2BO7SfL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-st..._OU02_.jpg]

When retired war veteran Geoffrey Compton is found dead in his home, all the evidence points to suicide. However, his son Benjamin suspects there was more to the death and hires maverick ex-cop Sam Carlisle to investigate. Sam discovers a number of Geoffrey's old acquaintances have also passed away recently in suspicious circumstances, leading him to believe somebody is exacting revenge on these people, snuffing out their lives in the most calculating manner. To prevent more fatalities, Sam must trawl the past and find the cause of this twisted retribution, putting himself on collision course with the elusive figure responsible. 

The follow-up to A NEW DAWN RISING sees the return of former undercover cop Sam Carlisle, now free of his demons, tackling his first mystery as a private eye. As well as investigating Geoffrey Compton's death, Sam also finds himself trying to protect a friend from her vengeful ex. Sam is stretched to the limit in DEATH IN JULY, juggling two separate cases full of intrigue and danger.

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