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Alana Woods' book reviews: Forever Young by Claude Nougat

14 September 2014 06:21 (GMT)

Some time ago I read Nougat’s short story compilation [font=Buda, sans-serif]Death on Facebook, Short Stories for the Digital Age and was impressed with the range of stories and the skill with which they were presented. One that caught my imagination was I will not leave you behind, the futuristic story of a 122 year old woman who is part of an elite program that keeps you young until you die. [/font]
In [font=Buda, sans-serif]FOREVER YOUNG Nougat has taken that short story and woven its premise into a four-part series of short novels I enjoyed reading very much.[/font]
The over-arching theme is the approaching doom of Earth from climate change. The story is set 200 years into the future and what becomes apparent very quickly is that humankind never did learn the lessons of what it would take to save the planet. Everyone, including big business, is still only concerned with the present and what they can get out of it for themselves. People are still divided into the have’s and have not’s, only now the have’s—called the OnePercenters—can afford to have old-age and illness permanently eliminated right up until death, whereas the have not’s—the 99PerCenters—continue to struggle as we struggle in this day and age.
The story and struggle is told through three characters who all aspire to be a OnePercenter, highlighting the fact that even in Earth’s extremis we’re still only concerned with what advantages we can garner for ourselves.
You can come away from reading this series feeling a great despair for where we’re heading. The alternatives that the author presents, that of leaving Earth to inhabit a new planet and starting again, or remaining and hoping Earth regenerates itself, are stark contrasts.
A thought-provoking, confronting read.

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Good news: Millenials read more than over-30s

11 September 2014 22:08 (GMT)

Apparently the younger generation is actually reading more, not less, as is the received wisdom:

"...a study out today from the Pew Research Center offers some vindication for the younger set. Millennials are reading more books than the over-30 crowd, Pew found in a survey of more than 6,000 Americans.

Some 88 percent of Americans younger than 30 said they read a book in the past year compared with 79 percent of those older than 30."


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Britain's top 10 self-published authors of 2014 in the Telegraph Online!

11 September 2014 11:06 (GMT)

Thanks so much to Joo for pointing out that I'm listed in the Telegraph.co.uk today as one of "Britain's top 10 self-published authors of 2014".  I'm no 4 - Yippppppeeeeeeeeee! 

Super congrats to everyone included in the list, it's amazing! And a huge thank you to all the readers for making it possible. Think I need a drink now! Smile xx

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Alana Woods' book reviews: The Barterand Reckoning series by John L Work

06 September 2014 01:03 (GMT)

You may well remember that I've reviewed some of John L Work's books previously. I've always meant to catch up with this particular series and now I have. A WELL-REGULATED VENGEANCE can be read as a stand-alone novel but it can also be read as a precursor to the three-part THE BARTER series. The author himself refers to it as a four book collection called THE BARTER AND RECKONING SERIES. For the purposes of this article I'm reviewing them separately.

I’ve read enough of the novels of John L Work to know they take you by the throat and don’t let go until well after you’ve finished reading them. This one doesn’t deviate from the mold. In fact it ramps up the tension by quite a few degrees.
In this gun-rights thriller he takes you to the United States in the near future, 2016, against the backdrop of a country descending into totalitarianism, and brings you the story of an ordinary man, Wesley Kirbaugh, seeking justice for his murdered daughter.
It beautifully combines a seemingly small story—that of one man—with a large story—that of a nation’s descent from greatness.
Unsettling is an understatement. But what read!
This story was born from best-selling author and investigative journalist Jerome Corsi’s essay at [font=Buda, sans-serif]World Net Daily titled China poised to play debt card—for US land. John L Work took the premise of a United States in so deep a debt to China that it trades the debt for US soil. The year is 2016 and the political scene picks up where it left off in A WELL-REGULATED VENGEANCE.[/font]
Once again Work sets one man’s story against world affairs and once again does it brilliantly.
Although A WELL-REGULATED VENGEANCE is a stand alone novel it is also a precursor to the three-part THE BARTER series, of which this is the first.
Benito Hernandez, a military veteran, has been working at a chicken processing plant for some years. The kids are grown up and have left home, so there’s just him and his wife Monica. The deteriorating political situation in the US is seen through his story and his eyes. And it’s horrific.
Work knows how to keep you turning the page and holding your breath.
Think George Orwell’s 1984 was a piece of fiction? Think again. In this second in THE BARTER series John L Work presents for your enjoyment and contemplation a story of the world going mad. The year is 2020.
He points out that the United States has gone from being the World’s biggest creditor nation in 1945 to the world’s biggest debtor nation today.
But as he also points out in his introduction, “This isn’t a book about economics. It’s a killer thriller.”
He’s right!
Benito and Monica Hernandez from book 1 are dead and we now follow their son Jamie. Private citizens possessing guns was outlawed years ago and there are harsh penalties for non-compliance. I’m not giving anything away by saying Jamie buys one so he can pursue his vendetta against the injustice of his father’s death.
I’m not going to tell you how Benito died but it’s all tied up in the Chinese now being the behind-the-scenes power in America.
You’re going to want to move straight on to book 3 when you finish this one.
This is book 3 in John L Work’s THE BARTER series and picks up within minutes of where book 2 finished. America is now a country that today’s citizens wouldn’t recognise. In the not too distant future Islam and China will be battling for supremacy but for now they exist together in an uneasy alliance.
Jamie Hernandez is on the run from his own government for crimes committed in book 2. He’s aided by Australian Secret Intelligence Service agents. Rebecca Teals is one of them and she and Jamie get to know each other pretty well over the course of the rest of the story.
As an Australian myself it’s interesting to see a non-Australian’s view of us. Work obviously finds us engaging. It’s not the first time he’s referenced Australia as the last bastion against Islam in his novels.
Jamie and Rebecca escape to Australia where Jamie and two other Americans receive military training with the aim of returning to the US to wreak havoc. Then it’s back home to do just that.
Book 3 keeps up the pace and I found myself reading quickly to find out if Jamie and Rebecca survive.
The whole series of four books grabs you by the throat—as I said in my review of A WELL-REGULATED VENGEANCE—and doesn’t let go.

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Changing 1-click default on Amazon

02 September 2014 17:59 (GMT)

I have 2 kindle, an old keyboard type which still works and have recently bought a Paperwhite. When I purchase a book I have got 1-click set up but it is for the keyboard version and I have to physically change it for each purchase. I would like to have the Paperwhite as the default. I have been in to Amazon/Manage Your Kindle/Manage Your Content and Devices/Devices - clicked on Paperwhite but that does not change the default. Help.

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Maybe Misery by C.s. Bailey

28 August 2014 14:44 (GMT)

Review left under pers name pafos2109 on Amazon.co.uk and .com - couldn't find it on Goodreads?

Very good read.
I wasn't sure what to expect with this story but I was very pleasantly surprised. It's quite the story and I have to say I didn't like Talon, the main character, at all. How he got through life without being bankrupted by sexual harrassment cases is beyond me lol. However, he does find love but does he get to keep it? Well guess you have to read to find out! It's written as diary installments and I had to keep checking date cause got confused couple of times. Anyone who knows me knows that's easy to do and it was my fault not the books. How Talon is the catalyst for such catastrophe is a great read and I was very upset and sad at times - good writing Mr Bailey! Thoroughly enjoyed the book and wouldn't hesitate to get more books written by this author.

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Free eBook News

If you are looking for Free Kindle eBooks, you will find our complete daily list here. Below are our latest notifications direct from the author about their free promotions.

The Test: A Chronicle from Myrodath - Free this weekend (September 13th - 14th)

13 September 2014 12:14 (GMT)

My novella, The Test, is free this weekend! Give it a read today, and please consider leaving a review, thanks! Smile


Rossam has come of age to take his country's social class assignment exam; the Physical Fortitude and Intellectual Capacity Test. Many take the test and fail, but Ross won't take failure as an option, and will do everything he can to prove he is worthy of joining the armed forces. However, unforeseeable events test him far more than he could have ever thought possible, as the weight of responsibility for an entire nation pushes Ross to the edge.

The Test: A Science Fiction Novella

Thanks! Smile

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Free only today September the 11th.

11 September 2014 09:46 (GMT)

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Now Free, The Plug Nickel Cafe

08 September 2014 15:55 (GMT)

My new novel, The Plug Nickel Cafe, is now free on Amazon. The promotion runs from 9/8/2014 to 9/12/2014...
For fifteen long years ex-rodeo star, Gage Cochran, has been adrift, traveling back and forth between central Texas and Mexico with his horse, Henry, searching for something that might ease the pain that he’s feeling, unaware that he’s been passing right by it all along. That all changes on one stormy day when he stops at a little village called, Rescue. It’s there that Gage meets Dottie Reynolds, a waitress at the Plug Nickel Cafe. Although they don’t know each other, the lonesome cowboy and good-hearted waitress seem to connect immediately, each filling a deep void in the other. After a night where each reveals their deepest secrets—their fears, their loves, and their passions, Gage begins to suspect that he might have finally found what he’s been seeking for so many years. Then, just when everything seems to be going so right… it all turns so terribly, terribly wrong…

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'Elizabeth Clansham' - Free Novel on Smashwords

03 September 2014 22:58 (GMT)

To herald the Scottish referendum on independence, Elizabeth Clansham , a novel set in the Highlands and that might best be described as an offbeat romance, is currently free on Smashwords:
Reviews, recommendations and ratings would be appreciated on Amazon, Smashwords & elsewhere.

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Goliath - Free

02 September 2014 15:53 (GMT)

In 1931, during its maiden voyage, the British Airship Goliath mysteriously disappears without a trace. Hidden deep inside is a secret that could change the world. 

Present day, in the Philippines, an attempted kidnapping draws historian Jennifer March and former soldier Ryan Mitchell together. Soon they are drawn into a deadly race to find the Goliath before a shadowy figure who threatens to topple governments, and the lives of millions can find a mysterious treasure from the past. From the frozen woods of Alaska, to the deserts of West Africa to a volcanic island off Iceland...the hunt for the truth is on.


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