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Matt Gemmell's Collected Essays now on Kindle

25 August 2014 12:35 (GMT)

I've followed Matt Gemmell on Twitter for several years now and have been a keen reader of his blog for even longer. He's one of the most intelligent writers I have come across and I was delighted to learn that he has published a collection of essays on Kindle. It's called Raw Materials and, while the cover design is a little plain for my tastes, the interior will be well worth the price.
Here is the link:

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Review of Wanted #1 by Tim Arnot

25 August 2014 11:23 (GMT)

Posted on Amazon.co.uk, .com and Goodreads under pers name pafos2109

Loved this story! Not the first book I've read by this author and it won't be the last either. Great characters and development of the storyline and have to say I wanted to cause physical bodily harm to the 'baddie' lol. I don't do spoilers so you'll have to read for yourself to find out who I'm talking bout! Flick and Shea - what can I say - loved these two and can't wait to read the next instalment of the story - which I've already bought! Very well written and congrats to the author, Tim, for taking me along in this story. Thank you, Mr Arnot. Job very well done.

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Review. Taming The Beast Within: A New Weapon In The War On Candida.

23 August 2014 23:01 (GMT)

Taming The Beast Within: A New Weapon In The War On Candida by Cash Peters
This book gives a fresh and thorough look at Candida and gives hope to sufferers with tried and tested ways of tackling it and a new theory as to the cause.
It's the thought provoking, yet at the same time very entertaining , personal record of one man's experiences, including a journal of a thirty day cleanse. He shares the whole process with the reader,sparing no details. There are even photos of the results too!
The fruit of many years research and experimentation, it is packed with information , making it an invaluable resource. I've found the answers to all my questions concerning my own struggle - and much more besides.
All in all a very enjoyable and informative read, which introduces the reader to new choices.
Maximum number of stars from me.

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dull colour of screen

22 August 2014 18:13 (GMT)

A few weeks ago I bought a new wi fi e ink kindle from amazon, NOT the paperwhite. Prior to this I had seen the same in Currys and formed the impression that the background was distinctly better/whiter than my original Kindle (over 3 years old with thr "grey" screen).
When my  amazon ordered Kindle arrived the screen colour only seemed marginally better. I put this down to my own flawed perception.
However, today I had the opportunity to see and compare my new Kindle with a friends 18 month old kindle (again NOT a paperwhite) and their screen is much whiter than my new one, and similar to what I originally saw in Currys.
Could mine be faulty? Is it the case that screens are of variable quality?
Any response would be welcome. I still have a few days before the 30 day limit when I think I can return/exchange? it to Amazon.
Thanks in advance

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Search has stopped working on my Kindle 3G e-ink

21 August 2014 11:45 (GMT)

I've been getting this message on my Kindle 3G when I try to look up a book title or author etc. by typing in the search box at the bottom:

We're sorry! An error ocurred when we tried to process your request. Rest assured we are working to resolve the problem as soon as possible... followed by a phone number to ring customer services.

This means I can't find anything on my Kindle that isn't in the best-seller lists or promotions... which makes my Kindle more or less useless, since I often use it to look up specific titles and authors.

Anyone else having this trouble?

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Tragic death of author Jeremiah Healy

18 August 2014 18:57 (GMT)

I, like so many of my friends, were shocked to hear last week that Jeremiah Healy took his life. Jerry was the author of the John Francis Cuddy private eye books and (under the pen name Terry Devane) of the Mairead O’Clare legal thriller series  Rather than comment online immediately, I found I had to take some time to reflect on the news. I have nothing profound to say, but I do need to add my voice to the chorus of writers and readers who mourn this terrible loss.
My first contact with Jerry was in 2006, when I was preparing for the launch of my debut novel, SILENT COUNSEL, and I was looking for established writers willing to blurb the book. I’d never met Jerry, but was a fan of his work. I knew that he was a member of Mystery Writers of America, and I e-mailed him cold—“One MWA member to another”—asking if he’d be willing to help out. Within a day or two, and not knowing me from Adam, he responded with a yes. A few weeks later I had my first blurb. A wonderful one, at that.
I finally met Jerry at the Edgars Banquet in 2007, and though our contact through the years was casual, I would continue to run into him at conferences like Bouchercon and Left Coast Crime. The last time I saw him was at LCC in Monterey, last March, where I had the honor of moderating a panel in which he (along with Joel Goldman, Charles Rosenberg, and Sheldon Siegel) participated: “Legal Thrillers: NOT Your Father’s Perry Mason.” Jerry shared with us his encyclopedic knowledge of legal thrillers throughout the years.
One recurring theme I’ve seen in the online remembrances of Jerry is how helpful he was to so many beginning writers—something that his willingness to blurb my book demonstrated to me years ago. Going through my old e-mails this morning, I found this, from him, in response to my thanks for his confidence in me: “Ken, Happy to help, as folks like Robert B. Parker and Tony Hillerman did the same for me back in the mid-80’s when I was breaking into the field. My only hope: You’ll also ‘pay it forward’ to rookies once YOU”RE established as well.”
My thoughts are with his wife, Sandy Balzo, and with the rest of Jerry’s family. Jerry, I hope you are at peace.

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Free eBook News

If you are looking for Free Kindle eBooks, you will find our complete daily list here. Below are our latest notifications direct from the author about their free promotions.

Final day to download for the first story in The Devil's Home Series for free!

26 August 2014 19:57 (GMT)

Hello everyone!

I would like to let everyone know that The Devil's Home: 666 Paxton Road is now available for FREE on Amazon! This is the FINAL day that you can get a copy for FREE before it returns to it's original price! In the first short story of The Devil's Home series, a deranged psychopath's obsession with a woman has gone on long enough. He has grown to fall in love with her and plans their future together. That is, until today. He refuses to be eluded any longer and will murder anyone in cold blood standing in his way. Nothing or no one will stop him of finally capturing the woman of his dreams and holding her captive in the Devil's home. It will be available for FREE until Midnight tonight, Tuesday, August 26th, 2014! Please make sure to download your copy for Kindle and spread the word about this thriller! Also, don't forget to give a review on the website as well, please! [Image: wink.gif][Image: wink.gif][Image: wink.gif] Thank you all so much!

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FREE - A unique vision of the future...

24 August 2014 11:41 (GMT)

[Image: 14876081472_323dca2cf0_o.jpg]
It’s 2046 and Jake Radley has the career opportunity of a lifetime. 

But to take it he needs to acquire a strange, mysterious new skill. A skill that could ruin his life. But a skill that is needed to find out who leaked a startling scientific discovery that has the whole world in uproar.

Drama, intrigue and an extreme test of loyalties for Jake in a unique, futuristic spy story.

The sequel, EDYL - Island of Immortality, was reviewed by the respected science fiction magazine Perihelion, getting four stars.

EDYL - The Reading Department is free from Amazon.

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Free science-fiction story for 8-12 year olds

23 August 2014 14:27 (GMT)

Here's a science-fiction story aimed at children aged 8-12 years. I've finally got around to setting up a trial with a few kids and they seemed to like it! Big Grin

The Legacy of Donia 2nd edition is a science fiction adventure about Karlon Siddique who is an ordinary sixteen year old boy living in Sussex, England with his mum. One day at his part-time job he finds a mysterious amulet which leads him to a new world called Donia.

The High Order reside on Donia and are the unknown guardians of Earth, protecting it from threats that the population is unaware of. Karlon meets Rufus, the Elder Knight of the High Order, who recognises his potential and invites him to train with the Order and eventually become a Knight.

Little does Karlon know that his timing could not have been any worse; war is looming. An unknown force is re-emerging after laying dormant for thousands of years and what's more is that it is threatening to wipe all 'inferior' life from existence. If that wasn't enough, Karlon is forced to face dark secrets from his family's past which could ultimately decide his allegiance.

It's FREE for this bank holiday weekend. A download would be great, a comment here about how it is or even a review would be superb! Shy

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Blood Lust a Serial Killer Thriller #Free today

19 August 2014 12:28 (GMT)

[Image: 512JXe8QZHL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-stic..._OU01_.jpg]
Blood Lust: Serial Killer Thriller: A Mystery and Suspense Novel

Free for today. Enjoy!

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High Sea - short Victorian romance free on Kindle

14 August 2014 16:36 (GMT)

High Sea , a short romance set in Victorian times, is now available on Amazon.  Here's the blurb:
Samantha, a seamstress, stows away on a ship bound for Australia, disguised as a boy. Discovered by the ship's doctor, John Seacombe, she becomes his assistant. However, she rapidly finds that her growing feelings for Doctor John mean that her disguise is a hindrance, rather than a help. And when the feisty Estelle McEwan enters the scene, things become even more complicated for Sam.
The book will be free on Kindle from 16th to 20th August.  If you read and enjoy the story, reviews, ratings and recommendations would be appreciated on Amazon and elsewhere.

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