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JooRevoo: Shave My Spider by Tony James Slater

22 May 2016 18:54 (GMT)

Shave My Spider by Tony James Slater

Tony's been on his biggest adventure yet. It was probably his most researched and planned one too. But ............. well, Tony. The problem Tony gets with any of his escapades and adventures can be summed up in one word. Tony. Just as well his lovely, sensible wife Roo was on hand to keep him slightly under control. But when her back is turned ......

Tony's books are rambling tomes of often mundane daily life stuff. But it's not the daily life a Westerner like me would want to consider. They pack in an awful lot into their days, but often it's because they haven't got enough money to get to where things would be a lot easier.

I won't go into detail ofa ll the places they stayed, but I know I wouldn't like to do China, but Mongolia sounded just wonderful (apart from the hard saddles). Tony managed to describe the nothingness of the Mongolian Desert and the warmth of the people living there in a way that I'd love to see it. Well, apart from the toilet arrangement, and the border control, and the local transport. Hmm. Perhaps it's better that someone else lives it and writes about it for me.

And the great thing about Tony's books - they come with photos. Well apart from the one on his Mongolia page after he's been in the river !!

This book is a lot longer than his previous ones, which are pretty long themselves, but it's never a chore reading them. And with 6 countries, you could think of this as 6 books in one.


[Image: 513kgmRic-L._AC_US320_QL65_.jpg]

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JooRevoo: The Pitkirtly Triangle by Cecilia Peartree

22 May 2016 18:16 (GMT)

The Pitkirtly Triangle by Cecilia Peartree

We're back in Pitkirtly for the 11th time (12th if you include the Mysterious Pitkirtlycoach tour). Something's not quite right this time. Amarylis has caught a cold - but she never gets a cold.

This time the gang have to solve the problems between the tea shops and the new garage. Why are people dying (apart from they are new to the village) and why does Amarylis keep getting attacked.

I keep saying it, but I love theses stories. The variations on a theme vary slightly, but they always seem fresh and are always a joy to read.

[Image: 515vvszwp6L._AC_US320_QL65_.jpg]

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just about to purchase Kobo aura h20....any advice?

22 May 2016 11:49 (GMT)

On a previous thread I had moaned and lamented the passing of my kindle keyboard and after much thought I have decided to order a kobo aura h2o...my reasons? Well they have not actually produced the kindle I want yet? Yes the oasis looks amazing but it's almost too nice to take out! and it's bloody expensive. The one feature that really appeals to me about the aura h20 is the fact I can read in the bath without fear of ruining the device or it going all "crinkly" I accept the fact that the books are a little more inconvenient to load and need the physical connection to the computer but that is no big deal to me. I would be interested to hear thoughts from other kobo readers on the forum, from what I can see looking around the kobo books are not similar in price although the selection and offers may be slightly less than kindle/mobi. One question I have is if I buy a mobi book can I convert...easily...to epub?....or is it not worth the bother?
Going back to the kindle I will def buy another kindle when they produce the waterproof model I want. I also feel the kobo is a good buy as I wont be afraid to take it out and use on a daily basis without fear of marking or damaging.....what do you think kobo readers Smile

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Is there any solution to save my kindle keyboard 3g?

21 May 2016 18:50 (GMT)

Surely it is not time to throw it out, it has served me faithfully for 5+ years but is now somewhat sick! The charger does not appear to be charging but equally worrying I cannot get the device switched on. I have tried all the recommended methods ie holding the bottom for a number of seconds...then releasing and going for a reset....but when I hold the bottom button even though the green light appears and flashes the kk refuses to wake and I am still faced with the frozen screen....is it the end?....is there nowhere I can stick a pin or paperclip to do a reset or should I finally say bye bye.....................SadSadSad

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Forest of Shadows by Hunter

19 May 2016 17:36 (GMT)

I've posted my review for Hunter Shea's 'Forest of Shadows', and while I had some issues with it, I did find it a decent horror read:


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Best places for discounted books

19 May 2016 11:26 (GMT)

Where are your favourite places to find out about discounted books?My favourite at the moment is https://www.pricedropdonkey.com/

Lots of different deals each day, anyone got any others?

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Free eBook News

If you are looking for Free Kindle eBooks, you will find our complete daily list here. Below are our latest notifications direct from the author about their free promotions.

FREE 11th to 15th May 2016 -> Christmas in the 28th century is out of this world

11 May 2016 12:08 (GMT)

2777 - A Christmas Oddity follows on from 2777 - A Space Oddity and features our hapless crew attempting to use virtual reality to explain the 28th Century's December Festival to their alien crewmate, Fingers the Genericon. Turkey pavlova, Secret Satan, tales of magical cola and reindeer with flaming antlers are just some of the delights in the festive pile up that has replaced Christmas over the centuries. Join Satan's sleigh as he visits the radioactive wasteland and bustling cities of the earth to bring gifts to the diverse peoples of the world.

Join Butch, Carol, John and Fingers as they venture into the most terrifying place in the universe - John's mind as December Festival becomes even more warped and crazy than it already is.

Drink too much, eat too much and be far too merry as we say goodbye to 2777 and raise a glass of mulled gin and mulled tonic to wish each other a Happy December Festival and a merry resetting of the calendar.

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Bloody Jude, by Blanca Leigh

06 May 2016 16:26 (GMT)

Free 6th-8th May on Amazon. Delve into some domestic noir masquerading a chic lit and meet some protagonists you will love to hate.

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Based on real events- Birth of the Tudors.

24 April 2016 23:46 (GMT)

Henry VII was the last King of England to win his crown in battle. He was also the first of the Tudors. My book The colours of our petals by Aled Davies is a dramatic retelling of just how a fugitive with little power actually achieved this.

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Free until 30th April: With the Headmaster's Approval

23 April 2016 10:01 (GMT)

A heads-up to let you know that With the Headmaster's Approval  will be free from 27th - 30th April.
Winner of the best Chick Lit/Women’s Lit category in the 2015 eFestival of Words 

Intrigue, scandal, suspense, and romance peppered with humour tell how one man’s influence on a school of wayward girls and their teachers changes each of their lives in ways none of them would imagine – and eventually his own. 

Adam Wild is still recovering from the loss of his wife and two young children in a car crash when he is offered the position of head teacher at St Mary’s Academy for Girls in England. The governing board feels that his background as an officer in the US Navy makes him well suited to restore some needed discipline, but some of the all-female teaching staff disagree. 

Jenna feels the position should have been hers and undermines his attempts to reform the troubled school. Barbara (Babs) sees him as a romantic challenge, but Lisa believes she knows where his heart truly lies. 

His strict new rules set him on a collision course with the sullen students who seek to manipulate or embarrass him in ways only girls can. 

As he struggles to set the right tone with teachers and students, accomplish what the board has set as his goals and plan his own future, his presence acts as a catalyst that changes relationships and threatens to pull dark secrets and scandals into the light… And then Nicole, his late wife’s kid sister returns from Africa - and she is hiding secrets of her own… 

Lust shouts. Love whispers. Only the heart knows the difference. 

If you enjoy feel-good stories then don't miss this happy-ever-after read. 

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New Novel Pass the Night FREE on Amazon until Sunday April 24

23 April 2016 09:13 (GMT)

My new horror novel Pass the Night is now FREE on Amazon until Sunday April 24...


A little girl. A haunted cottage. A locked bedroom... 

After losing her mother in a car wreck, a dying, brave little girl seeks refuge in a haunted cottage. With no memory, she must solve her very own mystery over the course of one terrifying night while fending off her mother’s ghost in the wilderness.
  • ASIN: B01DO86LT8

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