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Coming Soon: A New Font

27 May 2015 22:19 (GMT)

Apparently the app and the e-ink devices will soon be equipped with a new display engine and a new font, which will make ebooks look more like paper books:

"But today, Amazon is making a big step towards better typography on the Kindle. Not only are they unveiling Bookerly, the first typeface designed for the Kindle for scratch, but they're finally solving the Kindle's typesetting problems with an all-new layout engine that introduces better text justification, kerning, drop caps, image positioning, and more."

From: http://www.fastcodesign.com...

Just downloaded the updated app on my phone and it looks quite nice, certainly very readable, better than the previous one I had selected. It's not going to change the world, but I think it's a nice little improvement.

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JooRevoo: Death in a Cold Spring by Cecilia Peartree

26 May 2015 20:18 (GMT)

Death in a Cold Spring by Cecilia Peartree

[Image: 51JOEVCUSCL._AA160_.jpg]

This is the ninth in the Pitkirtly series and is probably my favourite so far.

Amaryllis has put herself forward for being a councillor, but has this dulled her senses? Christopher has loads to do at the Cultural Centre, but what's this art exhibition he doesn't really know about? When Christopher and Amaryllis find something nasty at the Centre, they try to go their typical opposite ways, Christopher doesn't want to know, but Amaryllis needs to stick her nose in.

As with the previous 8 stories, there's a crime in the community and the locals do their best to "help", although the police wouldn't call it that. Keith is the only policeman around and he's struggling to keep up.

In each episode we get more info on a supporting character and this time it's Keith. I enjoyed finding more about Keith in this story, now that Charlie is the pub landlord. I particularly liked the dogs' stories. They seemed to have a more starring role.

This story is best enjoyed having read the previous ones, but I think this stands on it's own. You don't really need to know the cast's history, it just makes it seem that they are your friends.

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An Ordinary Man The first five years by Steven Harvey

25 May 2015 08:10 (GMT)

An Ordinary Man The first five years by Steven Harvey
This is one of the first books I read on Kindle. It's only available as an eBook. I just saw it whilst scrolling through Amazon and was intrigued. 
I have not laughed out loud at a book in a very long time. Some of the descriptions are quite vivid. The language at times is colourful but I have not had quite so many emotions whilst reading a book. You almost feel the intensity in some scenes that leaves a lump in your throat. It is true life and as such can be raw, sad, funny and scary all at the same time! 
If you like the seventies, gritty reality and comical moments I can definitely recommend. Paul

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Curtis Brown offering a Creative Writing Course

21 May 2015 14:56 (GMT)

I've just noticed that Curtis Brown now offer a Creative Writing Course. (Sorry if this has been discussed previously)


I wonder if this is a way to diversify, or they have finally tired of all the manuscripts that are riddled with problems. Rolleyes

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Price Drops you've spotted.

17 May 2015 12:08 (GMT)

We know you will be first to tell us that your book is on offer, but you do have competition out there.  Yes you do Tongue

So if you spot someone else's books on offer that you nabbed or especially if you can recommend them, then please list them here.

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JooRevoo: Gray Redemption by Alan McDermott

16 May 2015 18:13 (GMT)

Gray Redemption by Alan McDermott

[Image: 519VIJKVmJL._AA160_.jpg]

Now my review for Book 2 in this series stated I wasn't as impressed with it as I was with the fantastic first book, so I'm glad to say that Tom's back. But this one is more the search for Tom, rather than about Tom himself. So did I like it? Yes, more than book 2. This time the good guys and the bad guys are after Tom, some of them not even knowing who they are after.

Ii was a bit muddled at the start as to who some of the characters were as it's a long time since I'd read the first two books, but it didn't really matter as the story and the action got going and I was along for the ride. I did enjoy the Andrew Harvey character and I've since found out he's hopefully getting his own adventures, which is great.


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Free eBook News

If you are looking for Free Kindle eBooks, you will find our complete daily list here. Below are our latest notifications direct from the author about their free promotions.

Free promo 29.05.2015-30.05.2015.

24 May 2015 22:34 (GMT)

Simplify Your Lifestyle - Neal Hoffman 

Free on 29.05.2015 - 30.05.2015.
Genre: Nonfiction
Price: US$2.99

Lifestyle Of Minimalism - Esther King

Free on 29.05.2015 - 30.05.2015.
Genre: Nonfiction
Price: US$2.99 

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Two of my books for 99p!

19 May 2015 18:32 (GMT)

I have Chickens on a free promotion and The Butterfly Effect on KDP from today (19th May) so that means two books for 99p. Get them while you can!

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The Ties That Bind - free on Amazon May 18 - 22, 2015

18 May 2015 12:33 (GMT)

Hi Everyone - 
In order to kick off the publication of my new book in the Kate Stanton Hollywood Mystery series called THE CROSSING AT BLAISDELL PARK on May 22, 2015, I'm offering another book in the series free all week called THE TIES THAT BIND through to May 22, 2015.  Like all my other books in the series, it's a standalone book.  I hope you have the chance to download it.  Now here's a little about THE TIES THAT BIND:

Kate Stanton’s former son-in-law, Dr. Eric Devane, is a prominent Beverly Hills doctor who’s now engaged to beautiful Brooke Connelly, only a few years older than his eldest daughter. With the impending arrival of his and Brooke’s baby through a surrogate – who happens to be his eldest daughter’s best friend – Eric’s life has become very complicated, but not nearly as complicated as his fiancée’s past. 

Four years ago, Brooke Connelly made the biggest mistake of her life when she betrayed her mobster boyfriend by tipping off the intended victim of his next hit. Her timely intervention had nearly cost Brooke her life after she was beaten and left for dead by her boyfriend in retaliation for her betrayal. In desperation, Brooke turned to one of the most powerful men in Las Vegas for protection – unaware that her arrangement with Clint Staebler was non-negotiable and permanent. Brooke has since relocated to L.A., where she’s the general manager of a popular restaurant and nightclub, both owned by Clint Staebler. With her recent engagement to Eric, Brooke is determined to cut all ties to her past but the cards seem to be stacked against her when Eric finds out about her past relationship with Clint Staebler and demands to know where her loyalties lie. Caught between a murderer and a man who refuses to let her go at all costs, Brooke plays her one trump card in the hopes that it will be enough to sever her ties to her past, once and for all. In this sweeping murder mystery set against the glitzy backdrop of Vegas and the powerhouse that is Hollywood, past mistakes are never forgotten and revenge is what makes it all worthwhile…

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Little Words ... Full of Big Worlds

16 May 2015 10:12 (GMT)

My collection of drabbles and poems Little Words ... Full of Big Worlds is on KDP Free promotion on the following dates : May 17th to 21st
Here is the blurb:
Flash Fiction tells us a story in a limited number of words. Poetry and drabbles are both forms of flash fiction. They tell us a story. They convey an idea, or an image, and bring it to life. Each has its own criteria. A poem might have rhyme or rhythm, whereas a drabble has limitations in size, but they are essentially the same thing. In fact, a poem might also be a drabble.
Every day, my world is filled with ideas, images, concepts, and whacky thoughts. It might be a picture I see on social media that triggers it, or a walk in the country. It might be an advert on TV, or a play on words. My poems and drabbles are these little words, and the ideas inside my head that are screaming to get out are my Big Worlds.
Here is a dribble (50 words) to whet your appetite:

Writers Block

After some discussion with my agent, we came across a solution to help me overcome my writer's block. I was to try and write using a different format. I put the laptop away and sharpened some pencils, opting to go Olde-Worlde. I soon got bored. Now I’m using alphabet spaghetti.


Also, for those outside the UK, Maerlin's Storm is still on reduced price  of $0.99 on Amazon.com

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Fuel to the Fire by David Staniforth - perma free on Amazon

15 May 2015 17:14 (GMT)

Fuel to the Fire is the first book of a completed trilogy, which is currently FREE.

Go on download a copy, you've nothing to lose, and you might actually enjoy the book.

Having spent her entire life disguised as a boy to avoid the risk of being forced into sexual slavery, fifteen year old Davran finds herself transported to a world thought to be legend. With sunlight, an abundance of food and people that trust, this world is everything her home is not. She could be happy, she could disclose the love she feels for Ronyn (the dragon trainer’s son), but when Hesperus (the Keeper-of-Knowledge) discovers her, she may have to return to a world of misery where even suicide is no escape and where the most frightening monster is not the dragons or the razor-hounds, but the tyrannical ruler, Saurian. 

worldwide link: http://authl.it/B00AGJR4VI
UK Amazon link: http://www.amazon.co.uk...

Books one and two of the trilogy Ruler's Desire and Elemental Cascade are now in Kindle Select and can therefore be loaned for free through Prime or Kindle Unlimited.

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